The Hot New Food Fad with a Distinctly Canadian Flavour

(L to R) Trader Joe's pure coconut water, C2O pure coconut water, Coco Cafe vanilla coconut water cafe latte, Zico pure premium coconut water, O.N.E. coconut water, and Happy Tree maple water and maple syrup. Photo: Matthew Mead/AP Photo/CP

Companies hope water flavoured with maple tree sap can captivate the fickle beverage market

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The Obsolete Communication Tool You Can’t Afford to Use

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In the digital age, this desktop nuisance is a waste of space, money and productivity

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The Edmonton entrepreneur on dealing with stress and asking great questions

Splitting Up Your Business Could Lead to Growth

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Divesting assets shouldn't be seen as a mark of failure

How to Avoid the Pricing Race to the Bottom

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Consumers have been trained to expect promotions, forcing grocers to offer ever-larger discounts

Lessons in Sales and Strategy from a Champion Entrepreneur


Atlantic Canadian tech icon and serial startup founder Gerry Pond explains his success

The Striking Detail That Leads to Riskier Decisions

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Study finds proximity to good-looking men affects financial determinations

3 Tips for Avoiding a Fight Over Family Financing

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Having a tough time getting funded? Avoid the temptation to draw on the bank of brother

5 Ways to Dragon-Proof Your Product

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Entrepreneurial optimism can get in the way of honest idea-assessment

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In the digital age, this desktop nuisance is a waste of space, money and productivity

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