What the Colour of Your Logo Says About Your Business


The design of an icon goes a long way to determining whether or not customers engage with a brand

The Best Credit Card for Your Business

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Our friends at Moneysense have run the numbers on hundreds of cards to find the ones that suit your company's specific needs

How to Handle Employees with Entrepreneurial Dreams of Their Own

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Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. Why you should help staff set up shop for themselves

The Business Case for Supporting Employees’ Addiction Treatment

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Helping your staff get the help they need has a financial cost, but produces tangible returns

The Demographic Changes Shrinking Your Talent Pool


Skills shortages and changing expectations will make it harder to find and keep good employees

How to Make Just the Right Amount of Product

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Not being able to meet clients' needs hurts your brand, but so does excess inventory. Five steps to successful supply chain management

Why You Should Make Yourself More Visible in the Workplace

FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment creates connectedness by making leadership transparent—literally

A Back-of-the-Envelope Way to Value a Startup

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Video: How to quickly work out what a company is worth, explained using Timbits

How Trippeo Plans to Simplify Business Travel

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The Vancouver-based app currently offers an expense tracking and reimbursement system, with more features to come

The Best Way to Avoid Burnout

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Eric Gilbert-Williams did little other than work for seven years straight. How he got his life back on track and rediscovered his love for business

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Our friends at Moneysense have run the numbers on hundreds of cards to find the ones that suit your company’s specific needs

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