3 Key Lessons from Second Cup CEO Alix Box

Photo: Nick Wong/CB

Reviving a fading player in a highly competitive market is no easy task, but the first-time chief executive has a plan

Millennials Care About Experiences, Not Stuff

Cropped shot of young students gathered around a computer

New report highlights marketing challenges caused by Generation Y's view of happiness

What Are Corporations Good for Anyway?

Illustration: Alberto Ruggieri/Getty

Shareholders aren't the only people with a stake in the future of public companies

Would You Wear a Death Watch?

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A wrist-mounted mortality monitor and 11 other business ideas, products and strategies in the latest Ingenuity Index

Greed Isn’t Always Good

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

New study shows people will spend more to save other people pain than on themselves

How Koho Plans to Put Millennials’ Money in the Bank

Photo: Chris Bernard/Getty

Startup partnering with banks to bring financial services to young customers

How to Never Miss a Deadline Again

Photo: Kutaytanir/iStock

Tasks that are due in the present are more likely to get done than those in the future

Why You Need to Climb the Ivory Tower

Photo: University of British Columbia

Stanford billionaire-academic David Cheriton on the optimal relationship between companies and universities

Target’s Exit Leaves Billions Up for Grabs

Photo: Vince Tolatta/Toronto Star/Getty

The company's decision to exit Canada will leave a gap to be filled. But retailers should beware the coming fire sale.

The Workplace Secrets of a Superstar Administrator


The Toronto Symphony Orchestra's new CEO has an MBA and a big deficit to tackle

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The serial entrepreneur on her new eco-first venture and the importance of happiness over profit

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