11 Attention-Grabbing Marketing Ideas

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The little—and large—things that the PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 do to build buzz and win customers

Why Your Job Postings Should Be More Detailed

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3 Key Charts: candidates' information expectations, independent retailers' investments in e-commerce, and North American FDI

Why Canadian Firms Are Willing to Take On Riskier Financing

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New BDC report suggests high-impact firms are starved for capital, but would put it to better use if they could get it

What It Takes to Quickly Expand in New Markets

Foodee_Delivery_Bicycle-Pickup-600x400's smart business structure allows the Vancouver-based service to rapidly grow its user base

How to Select a Worthy Second-in-Command

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You can't do it all on your own. Five key steps to finding the perfect number two for you

9 Team-Building Tips for More Engaged and Productive Employees

Happy employees

Recruitment, engagement and retention advice from the women of the PROFIT/Chatelaine W100

The Case For Violating the Office Dress Code

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There's more to sartorial strategy than donning a suit and tie. How the right clothes can make you a better businessperson

How the Tough New Dragon on Dragons’ Den Built Her Booming Business

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Former W100 winner Manjit Minhas runs a huge brewery, but she and her company aren't widely known—yet

7 Tested Tips for Better Money Management

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Financing and cash flow tips from the women of the PROFIT/Chatelaine W100

What Consumers Are Tired of Seeing in Ads

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Increasingly conscious audiences have beauty fatigue, and are demanding more realistic marketing

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Former W100 winner Manjit Minhas runs a huge brewery, but she and her company aren’t widely known—yet

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