How to Avoid Becoming the Next Future Shop, Target or Jacob

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Giving consumers what they want requires a change in approach

Should You Have an Easter Sale?

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3 Key Charts: how consumers react to holiday sales, the construction skills gap and loyalty program results.

Prepare for a New Wave of American Tourists

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After years of declining visitation, Americans—especially millennials—are looking to tour Canada again. Is your business ready?

The Workplace Change That Cuts Costs and Boost Productivity

Computers in empty office

Traditional office arrangements are passé

Why Working from Home Doesn’t Work


There's no substitute for face-to-face contact. The case for banning telecommuting

Entrepreneurial Insights from BOATsmart!’s Cameron Taylor


Outdoor entrepreneur on learning to say no, working at 150% and finding people's strengths

Why Introverts Make Better Managers


Leaders are expected to be extroverted, but their confidence could end up costing you

A New Way to Get on Consumers’ Smartphones


You don't need an app to offer deals or promote products in-store

Why Waking Up Early Could Be Hurting Your Productivity


Making the most of your time doesn't necessarily mean setting your alarm for the crack of dawn

The Profitable Strategy Many Businesses Ignore

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Gender equity has tangible financial benefits, but too many firms aren't making the effort to achieve it

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Traditional office arrangements are passé

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