Do Loyalty Programs Actually Work?

Client at shop paying at cash register with saleswoman

Customers today can be fickle, and that creates a big problem for brands looking to secure repeat business

A Proven Way to Meet Crazy Demand


When its business grew so fast that it was turning customers away, one outdoor-furniture maker revised its strategy—and it's now reaping the rewards

How to Out-Hire Everyone in 2014

resume crumpled in cyan background with reflection and shadow

Resumés are so passé. Here are 4 better ways to find your next star employee

4 Things You Must Know About Social Media Today


You can't ask consumers to "like" you on Facebook any more, and other social developments affecting your business

Meet Canada’s Fastest-Growing Logistics Firms


18 super-successful companies who use innovation and great service to keep supply chains moving (and sales soaring)

Who Will Win First with CETA

fishing boat

In this week's Export Wire: Good news for the fisheries; why exporters need more confidence; and how Uber and Airbnb are going corporate

What Today’s Successful Startups Know

Boris Wertz

Veteran Vancouver entrepreneur and venture capitalist Boris Wertz reveals what sets the winners apart from the also-rans

A Speedy New Way Trademark Globally


New legislation lets you register your firm's trademarks once in Canada and have them instantly validated in 90 other nations

How to Make Spam People Actually Want to Read


Why you should stop worrying and learn to love Canada's new anti-spam laws

Can You Chase a Fad Too Far?


The death of U.S. cupcake chain Crumbs offers a cautionary tale about following trends

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