5 Unique Perks Your Employees Would Probably Love to Have

Photo: Halfbottle/iStock

From booze and brews to cars and CrossFit, these companies know how to motivate their people

Meet the Company That Makes Most of the World’s Escalator Handrails

Illustration: Ryan Snook

How EHC Global added innovation—and a splash of colour—to a highly commoditized business

Meet the Company Reinventing the Industrial Roll-Up Garage Door

Illustration: Ryan Snook

How staying nimble helps TNR Industrial Doors outflank much bigger competitors

Meet the Firm Revolutionizing Mattress Fabric


How a fabric you’ve never heard of saved apparel company Maxime Knitting from financial ruin—and led to triple-digit growth

Why Being “Boring” Is the Best Strategy for Your Business


We all crave excitement, but it's possible to get rich by being dull. How to be totally unglamorous, surprisingly innovative, and wildly profitable

How to Replace the Awkward Year-End Performance Review

Photo: Noel Hendrickson/Getty

This employer swapped the annual sitdown for quarterly development conversations

Meet the Olympic Star With Startup Ambitions

Former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps with Intuit Chairman and CEO Brad Smith in San Jose, Calif. in October 2016. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo/CP

Swimmer Michael Phelps is the latest celebrity looking to get into the tech world, but will he soar like Dr. Dre or sink like Curt Schilling?

Why You Need to Get Ready For the Return of “Buy American”

American flag

With Donald Trump in the White House, domestic procurement policies are back on the table

Lessons From the Dragons: What Sets You Apart


A funny franchisor, some outlandish asks and a charming couple with a cute product line in Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 8

When Hackers Hold Your Data Hostage

Photo: iStock

It’s an increasingly common form of extortion: hackers gain access to your systems, encrypt it, and demand ransom for the key. Here’s how to respond

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From booze and brews to cars and CrossFit, these companies know how to motivate their people

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