The Minimum Wage in B.C. is Going Up

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The provincial compensation floor—currently the country's lowest—is set to rise to $11.25 by 2017

Why Things Look Good for Wood

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Growing demand for lumber from our southern neighbours will boost Canadian forestry firms suffering from China's slowdown

How to Make Your Company Sellable From an Entrepreneur Who Sold Four


John Warrillow is so good at exiting that he's built a business helping others do the same

The Problem With Getting Stuck in the Middle of a Growing Market

A PJ's Pets store on Yonge Street is liquidating their stock in Toronto in April 2016. Photo: Christopher Katsarov/CP

The closure of PJ’s Pets and Pets Unlimited stores stands out in an expanding industry

Where Canada Ranks for Employee Engagement

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Just 13% of workers worldwide consider themselves highly engaged or satisfied in their jobs according to a new study. But it's not all bad news

Meet the Startup That Builds Other Startups

Illustration: Kevin Whipple

Vancouver's Axiom Zen turns product ideas into fully-fledged firms, and fast. How Roham Gharegozlou and his team are reinventing the company

The Business Case for Giving Caregiver Employees More Flexibility


British firms have seen the benefits of supporting staff who look after loved ones. Why you should too

When Corporate Do-Goodery Backfires

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Restaurant chain Earls is facing an online backlash after dropping local Alberta beef for "hormone-free" U.S. cattle

How Not to Break Bad News

Bad Sale

In one letter to staff, the CEO of Sanjel announced the company’s bankruptcy, the sale of two divisions and his own resignation. An annotated guide to his communication errors

Why So Many Companies Are Looking to Partner Up Right Now


With economic growth slowing, the M&A and JV markets are heating up. But more informal collaboration is also on the rise

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John Warrillow is so good at exiting that he’s built a business helping others do the same

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