Lessons 2014: Creating Sales Moments

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It takes constant innovation to keep sales numbers where you want them. A look at some of 2014's biggest sales moments, and what you can learn from them.

Is Your Company on This Map of Target Canada’s Creditors?


The Canadian arm of the retail chain owes $3.4 billion to 1,796 vendors, all the way from Seoul to St. Catharines.

Don’t Let Your Family Destroy Your Business


Succession planning, billionaire edition

Why Tidying Your Desk is a Waste of Time

Photo: Dorling Kindserley/Getty

Studies suggest neat workstations can block creativity

Lessons 2014: You’re Only as Good as Your People

Photo: Adrian Wyld/CP

Executives are the public face of your company. Making sure they say and do the right thing is vital to maintaining a positive brand image.

Why Your Employees’ Fitness is Your Problem

Photo: CEFutcher/iStock

Personal development goals boost employee engagement and keep workers in good shape

How Big Cola is Profiting from Customer Flight

Photo: Matt Rourke/AP/CP

As consumers get more health-conscious, Coke and Pepsi launch smaller sizes to boost sales

“Made in Canada” is Key to This Hatmaker’s Brand

Photo: Tilley Endurables/CP

Tilley Endurables founder Alex Tilley prepares to sell his company

Nobody Wants to Hear Your Bragging

Photo: Sidsnapper/iStock

Self-promoters fail to see how irritating their boasting can be

Lessons 2014: Put a Brand On It

Photo: Mario Beauregard/CP

Last year, having an identifier that distinguished you from the crowd was more important than ever. A look at some of 2014's biggest branding news and what you can learn from it.

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