What’s Worrying Canadian CEOs (And What Should Worry Them More)

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Three-quarters fear disruption in the next three years—but many seem unsure about what to do

Why It Pays to Poach Staff From Your Rivals


Some companies won't steal employees from the competition, because they don't trust them to be loyal. But a study suggests switchers try harder

The Next Faces of Canada’s Tech Ecosystem

Tammy Meyers, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of QuestUpon Technologies Inc., uses the company's app on her iPhone at the Quay in New Westminster, B.C. Photo: Darryl Dyck/CP

Female entrepreneurs are disrupting the male-dominated sector transforming the economy in British Columbia and beyond. Here's how

Where Virtual Reality Fits Into the Workplace


The promise of VR to help colleagues collaborate wherever they are is huge—but it’s going to be a few years yet

5 Tools for Fostering Workplace Collaboration


These PROFIT 500 firms implemented innovative software to keep staff communicating smoothly. Here’s what they learned

How to Use Instant Messaging Productively


Social tools like Slack and Yammer can help your company get a lot more done—as long as you know what to do with them

The Smart Guide to Company Communication


Stop getting your wires crossed. Technological tools and tricks to help your staff and clients connect and collaborate like never before

6 Ways to Keep Your Team Productive During the Summer Slump

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Warm weather and work can go together, if you’re willing to be flexible

Is the Red Tape Reduction Act Necessary?

Photo: Chuck Savage/Getty

A bureaucrats' union wants the Liberal government to repeal the regulation-cutting law repealed, but small businesses aren't likely to agree

What’s Really Holding Your Business Back


NRStor CEO and former Home Depot Canada and Michaels Canada head Annette Verschuren shares her success secret: mediocre strategy, brilliant execution

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This growing Ontario company improved customer service and staff morale by picking a tool people actually like to use

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