Bruce Philp

Bruce Philp

Bruce Philp is a brand strategy consultant and author of Consumer Republic, winner of the 2012 National Business Book Award.

What a Toxic Work Culture Does to Your Brand

Brands don't collapse overnight, they erode steadily with the slow drip of a toxic culture and ineffective leadership. Just look at Uber

What You Can Learn From Today’s Hottest Young Brands

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The most exciting brands got there by ditching the rule book. More established companies should take the hint: Reinvention starts right away

The New Era of Consumer Trust

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Information-saturated shoppers want to outsource their consciences to the companies they buy from. That's a huge opportunity

The Two Kinds of Millennial Consumers

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The idea of "millennials" as a monolith was always tenuous. It's getting even more so as those on the demographic's leading edge flirt with middle age

Why Your Company’s Brand Should Always Be in Your Hands

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Too many bosses leave their corporate identity and image in the care of hired guns. It's time to take personal responsibility

Why You Should Focus Your Pitch on Feelings Not Facts

A “Leave” supporter celebrates as British referendum results roll in on June 23, 2016. Photo: Ray Tang/Rex/AP

From Brexit to the U.S. election, we’re no longer living in an age of reason. When pseudo-logic is everywhere, emotional marketing is what breaks through

Why It Pays to Build Your Own Brand Land

The interior of one of the first Niketown locations. Photo: James Leynse/Corbis/Getty

Smart brands are setting up shop—literally—to showcase their products and sensibilities to curious consumers

Why Great Customer Service Is the Best Kind of Marketing

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Finding new clients is expensive—and getting more so. Focus on keeping existing ones happy

Why There’s No Such Thing As “Digital Marketing” Anymore

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Marketers are confusing the essence of the job they do with the tools they use to do it, and it’s dangerous

Why Nostalgia Is Such a Powerful Branding Tool

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Handle your brand’s history with care. In an age of endless novelty, it’s one of your greatest assets

Why Cynicism Doesn’t Make For Great Marketing

Crumpled adhesive notes with smiling faces

There’s a toxic cynicism haunting the marketing community these days, but to be any good at this job, you need to believe

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