Bruce Philp

Bruce Philp

Bruce Philp is a brand strategy consultant and author of Consumer Republic, winner of the 2012 National Business Book Award.

What a Toxic Work Culture Does to Your Brand

Brands don't collapse overnight, they erode steadily with the slow drip of a toxic culture and ineffective leadership. Just look at Uber

Why You Shouldn’t Make Frontline Employees Stick to the Script

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Marketers need to work with HR, because your brand is in the hands of your customer-facing workers

Why Brand Awareness is Worth a Million Clicks

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Want to create a lasting market? Seduce first, sell later

Why You Need to Avoid Making the News

Photo: Andrey Popov/iStock

Awesome events can grab customers attention, but they're a high-risk proposition. How to get them right

Stop Trying to Sell Your Customers Fairy Tales

Photo: Mrpilskin/iStock

Authenticity is the holy grail of branding, but beware: consumers can spot insincerity a mile away

Social Media is No Place for Good Marketing Anymore

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Effective messaging takes time and resources, but trolls dominate most platforms. Best to steer clear.

Are You Giving Your Marketing Head Enough Respect?


Branding is more important than ever, but most executives don't give marketing the attention or support it needs

The Real Problem with Greenwashing


Enviro-scolds have spooked companies into silence about sustainability, even when they're doing well

The potential pitfall of a Tim Hortons-Burger King merger


A merger between Tim Hortons and Burger King makes sense financially. But merging corporate cultures is far more difficult

Why Digital Marketing is a Dismal Failure


The Internet promised to make marketing perfectly precise. Instead it’s a haven for fraud

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