Corinna vanGerwen

Corinna vanGerwen

Corinna vanGerwen is a creative gift-wrapping consultant, sole owner and only employee of her eponymous home-based startup, which provides gift-wrapping services, training and workshops, as well as packaging services for marketing and events.

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Perfect the Consumer Experience

Corrina vanGerwen writes based on her experience as a "solopreneur." Take a lesson from the lessons she has learned while starting up a business with a staff of one.

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The first page of my first notebook for business planning, dated Nov. 17, 2010—two days after getting fired from my job

Unwavering commitment to a goal? Steadfast adherence to a vision? It works for some startup entrepreneurs—but not most

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend