Deborah Aarts

Deborah Aarts

Deborah Aarts is an award-winning senior editor at PROFIT and Canadian Business. Her coverage of opportunities and challenges for Canada’s entrepreneurial innovators covers HR, leadership, sales and international trade, among other topics.

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Why Firms Pick the Wrong People and How to Hire More Qualified Ones

Too often, companies reward empty bluster and punish quiet competence. Sound familiar?

Why Machines Aren’t Management Material Yet

Photo: Andrew Bret Wallis/Getty

Artificial intelligence is making huge strides, but it can’t replace the real work of managing people

What to Do Once You’re Successful

Photo: iStock

Entrepreneurs who thrive on the chaos of starting a company often struggle to adjust to clear sailing. How to overcome the boredom

What Employers Are Still Getting Wrong About Maternity Leave

Woman holding child and talking on phone in office

Women who take time off to have kids continue to face all kinds of subtle—and not-so-subtle—discrimination in the workplace

The Myth of the Dropout Who Started a Billion-Dollar Business

Michael Dell and Larry Ellison, two university dropouts who founded billion-dollar businesses, at the Oracle Open World Conference in 2009. Photo: Justin Sullivan

Some take a few famous entrepreneurs who left early as proof that school is for losers. Let’s do the math

The Problem With Hiring for “Culture Fit”

Illustration: iStock

Wanting someone who plays well with others isn’t bad in theory—but too many managers confuse harmony with conformity

When the Best Thing You Can Do for Your Business is to Quit

Photo: iStock

Conscientious CEOs must be prepared to walk the plank for the greater good in the event of a scandal

How to Overcome Your Private Self-Doubt

Woman with question marks on a blackboard

Outsiders see entrepreneurs as brash go-getters, but many are secretely plagued by a lack of confidence

Why You Can’t Afford to Be Such a Perfectionist

Photo: iStock

Canadian entrepreneurs are more guilty than most of obsessively working to make things just so. Stop fussing and sell already

What Female Entrepreneurs Need to Stop Doing

Photo: iStock

Women in senior roles wind up taking on more menial chores than male counterparts, and it's hurting the way they're perceived

What It Takes to Build a Business in a Legal Grey Area

Illustration: iStock

Disruptive businesses make the headlines, but they also face real risks. Why you need to tread carefully around the law

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend