Deborah Aarts

Deborah Aarts

Deborah Aarts is an award-winning senior editor at PROFIT and Canadian Business. Her coverage of opportunities and challenges for Canada’s entrepreneurial innovators covers HR, leadership, sales and international trade, among other topics.

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Why Firms Pick the Wrong People and How to Hire More Qualified Ones

Too often, companies reward empty bluster and punish quiet competence. Sound familiar?

The Agonizing Art of Email Etiquette

(YouTube screencap from

It's so easy for your meaning to get lost in translation when corresponding electronically. The good news is, you don't need LOLs or emoticons to fix the problem

Are You Working Yourself to Death?


The tragic passing of a young intern is a cautionary tale for another group of workaholics: entrepreneurs

You’re Wasting Your Time With Reference Checks


Candidate-supplied references are usually nothing more than glowing reviews. There are smarter ways to see if someone will fit

Yes, You Do Have Time to Exercise

Businessman doing exercise on white background

There are now many simple ways to integrate physical fitness into your schedule—no matter how full it may be. Here's how to stop making excuses and start making time

The Business-Boosting Alternative to Snitch Lines


You probably don't need a whistleblower program to enforce ethical behaviour. You just need to run a better business

Should You Cash In on Disaster?

Car swamped in flood water.  Perfect for motor vehicle insurance theme.

It may be uncomfortable to profit from devastation, but no one can deny that demand is surging

Why “Mompreneur” is a Dirty Word


The cutesy phrase does far more damage than good, argues one business journalist. It’s time to let it die

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