Ian Bell

Ian Bell

Ian Bell is a Vancouver-based veteran of 13 years building and helping technology startups in the US & Canada, and most recently founded Tingle and RosterBot. A former Apple Research Fellow and SFU graduate, he worked at Cisco Systems and Telus before going rogue. Check out his blog.

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Why Team Athletes Make the Most Valuable Employees

Sports-playing staff can usually be relied on regardless of industry or position

The Secret to Closing Online Sales

Illustration: Chokkicx/iStock

Don’t expect consumers to become customers the first time around. You need to retarget to get results.

6 Dos and Don’ts for Working Well with Software Developers


You can’t run a business these days without software. Here’s how civilians can work with programmers and maintain everyone’s sanity

True Confessions of a Dragons’ Den Survivor


Ian Bell's first experience pitching CBC's famous investors taught him what to do—and what not to do—the second time around

Entrepreneurs: Don’t Make Lady Gaga’s Mistake

Photo:  Jimmy Johansson    Creative Commons

The lessons for business owners in the music star’s recent album flop. Or, why Lady Gaga would make a terrible chief executive

Entrepreneurship = Fight Club

Photo: Saganss via Creative Commons (CC BY-NC-SA 2.0)

Anti-hero Tyler Durden may be crazy, but he offers a litany of lessons about how true entrepreneurs make their mark

What Kind of Leader Are You? Fox or Hedgehog?

“The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing."  - Archilochus

In business, there are foxes and hedgehogs. Here's why you should care which one you are

How Not to Hire Losers

Illustration Dan Page

Tired of finding duds on your payroll? Avoid these three candidate types to build the winning workforce you want

How to Retain Clients, Zuckerberg Style

Thumbs Up Facebook Symbol

As Facebook’s success demonstrates, staying out of the way of your customers is a balancing act

The 9 Simple Rules of Email Mastery

Illustration by Aron Vellekoop Leon

A tech pro and email veteran reveals how to make your inbox a nirvana of productivity

Apple’s Big Mistake: the MVP


"Minimum viable product" strategies can work for emerging categories and radical new ideas. The Apple Maps debacle shows the Four Ps apply just about everywhere else

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