James Cowan

James Cowan

James Cowan is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Business.

How After-Work Drinks Could Make Your Team More Productive

Colleagues who go out to unwind together over a cocktail do better work, and get paid more, too. But leaders need to do more than just add booze and stir

What You Can Learn About Modern Business From Loblaw

Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty

The grocery giant illustrates that every company is becoming a software company. How it developed a knack for predicting—and shaping—Canadians’ retail habits

Why Professional Development Isn’t Working For All Your Employees

Photo: iStock

Career and leadership training events tend to maximize social interaction. But many employees would benefit from a different approach

Why You Really Shouldn’t Check Your Email on Vacation

Photo: iStock

Stop being a work martyr and take some real time off. Staying tethered does you no good—and it doesn’t help your business either

What Tim Hortons Has Learned from Burger King

Photo: Jonathan Hayward/CP

Foreign ownership has made the beloved Canadian coffee brand better. Why selling out to an overseas acquirer isn't always a bad idea

What Companies Did Right During the Fort McMurray Fires

A Suncor Energy Inc. sign in Fort McMurray, Alberta, in 2013. Photo: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg/Getty Images

Natural disasters can force businesses to step up in extraordinary circumstances. The smartest ones find ways to preserve that spirit long-term

The Secret to Great Customer Service

Photo: iStock

Delivering the kind of experiences clients crave takes one-on-one attention, not technology quick fixes. Why you need to find your company's "moment of truth"

What Retailers Can Learn from Indigo’s Incredible Comeback

Photo: Todd Korol/Toronto Star/Getty Images)

Heather Reisman’s chain is a great example of current trends, focused on diversification and destination shopping

The Right Way to Use Employee Data

Illustration: Valeriy Kachaev/iStock

Staff don’t always hate workplace tracking, as long as they share in the benefits and communication is clear. How to build a better Big Brother

Why Amazon’s Drone Delivery Plan is Good Blue-Sky Thinking

Photo: Amazon

Airborne package transport may seem like a wacky idea, but Jeff Bezos has a good track record with futuristic projects

Who’s to Blame for Christmas Coming Early?

Starbucks #RedCups campaign was met with cries of #TooSoon, but retailers are just responding to consumer trends. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty

Companies aren’t forcing the holiday season on the public—they’re just following consumer trends

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