James Cowan

James Cowan

James Cowan is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Business.

When Nostalgia in Marketing Works

Just because something reminds consumers of the past doesn't mean it will resonate today. How to get it right

Why Amazon’s Drone Delivery Plan is Good Blue-Sky Thinking

Photo: Amazon

Airborne package transport may seem like a wacky idea, but Jeff Bezos has a good track record with futuristic projects

Who’s to Blame for Christmas Coming Early?

Starbucks #RedCups campaign was met with cries of #TooSoon, but retailers are just responding to consumer trends. Photo: Spencer Platt/Getty

Companies aren’t forcing the holiday season on the public—they’re just following consumer trends

Why Great Customer Experiences Are the Best Public Relations

A sign in the window of a San Francisco home in support of Proposition F, which would have restricted Airbnb-like short-term rentals in the city. The measure was voted down. Photo: Josh Edelson/AFP/Getty Images

Recent scandals and marketing missteps involving the likes of Uber and Airbnb show that people care more about service than corporate shenanigans

The Smart Leader’s Most Undervalued Skill

Photo: iStock

Too many bosses are focused on having all the answers instead of asking the right questions. Why that needs to change

What You Can Learn About Leadership from Justin Trudeau’s Big Win

Justin Trudeau with Adam Vaughan during the latter's by-election campaign in 2014. Photo: Nathan Dentte/CP

Modern organizations increasingly need networks of expertise, not command-and-control hierarchies

Why Leadership Doesn’t Look Like It Used To

Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Photo: Jason Ransom/PMO/Getty Images

In business and in politics, the most successful leaders today are consensus-builders who persuade, not top-down generals who command

Why Canada Should Take a Lot More Refugees

Syrian refugees on the Serbia-Hungary border. Photo: Thomas Campean/Anadolu Agency/Getty

Far from being a drain on the tax base, immigrants and refugees are among the most vital parts of the economy

Introducing the 2015 PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies


The dynamic firms on our 27th annual ranking deserve special recognition for prospering in a difficult business climate

What You Can Learn from Marvel Comics

Thor and Captain America during the battle of New York in The Avengers. Photo: Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures/Courtesy Everett Collection/CP

Any one offering on its own can be beaten. Great companies don’t just make products, but an ecosystem that’s more valuable than the sum of its parts

The Simple Blueprint for a True Turnaround

Photo: Stephen C. Host/CP

Maple Leaf Foods survived restructuring, divestitures and PR nightmares by staying focused on the end goal

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend