James Cowan

James Cowan

James Cowan is the Editor-in-Chief of Canadian Business.

When Nostalgia in Marketing Works

Just because something reminds consumers of the past doesn't mean it will resonate today. How to get it right

Why It’s Time to Get a Grip on Ecommerce

Beautiful woman shopping over the internet.

Canadian consumers love the internet, yet less than half of Canadian businesses have a website. That must change, and fast

The Skeptic’s Guide to Mission Statements

James Cowan's office door, now with 100% more mission statement

The process of articulating the reason your business exists really can provide remarkable clarity of purpose

Why Succession Matters More than Ever


Too few business leaders give enough thought into who will take over when they go, and it can yield disastrous results

What Sesame Street Can Teach About Good Management

big bird

Big Bird and his friends have always known that diversity has value. Too bad so few businesses have learned the lesson

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ TED Talks

2014 PROFIT 500

Great advice is hard to come by. Thank goodness, then, for the leaders of the PROFIT 500

The Real Price of Foreign Labour


Temporary foreign workers have a place in Canada. The problem is we let them in too cheaply

Why It’s Time to Ban Unpaid Internships


These junior-level positions are as uneconomical as they are unethical. So, why do so many companies rely on them?

Readers Choice

Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend