Jeff Quipp

Jeff Quipp

Jeff Quipp is an expert on social media marketing. He is the founder and CEO of Search Engine People Inc. (SEP), a search and social media marketing firm that has been on the PROFIT 500 ranking of Canada's Fastest Growing Companies for the past five consecutive years.

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Why You’re Probably Wasting Your Time on Social Media

To succeed today, you can't just dabble in social media. It takes resources—including money—to make an impact

How to Actually Use Customer Data


In the digital age, we're swimming in information on prospective (and current) clients. But it's all useless unless you can act on it

5 Qualities of High-Traffic Websites

cocktail party

If your website were a cocktail party, would you be the egomaniac everyone avoids or the charismatic party-goer everyone wants to talk to?

How Happy Clients Bring You New Sales

Happy customer

Think securing a sale is the end of the process? You're missing a huge opportunity. How satisfied customers can influence the purchasing decisions of other buyers—and significantly boost your revenues

3 Ways Data Helps Hook Potential Clients


Don't let your leads get away. Here’s how to use what you know about those prime prospects to turn them into customers

Why Twitter’s IPO is Good News for Marketers


Going public will put the microblogging site under pressure to boost its bottom line. And that means making Twitter a far more useful advertising platform

Are You Losing 97% of Your Web Prospects?


Most businesses focus only on 3% of visitors to their websites. Here's how to rope in a lot more

Why No One Is Coming to Your Website


Quality content is essential to winning the marketing war. But what exactly is quality content?

Are You Losing The New Marketing War?


The 4-step approach to winning over today's digitally driven buyer

How Google Could Destroy Your Web Presence


Your site’s traffic could plummet if Google’s Panda algorithm believes you’re offering bad content. Here’s how to avoid being mauled, or how to recover from it

Adapt or Die: The Revolution in Marketing


Digital is changing marketing even more fundamentally than you may realize. Here’s how you need to respond

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