Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Laura Williams is an employment lawyer and founder of Williams HR Law in Markham, Ont. She has more than 15 years experience providing proactive solutions to employers aimed at reducing workplace exposures to liability and costs that result from ineffective and non-compliant workplace practices.

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It’s Not Too Late To Prepare for CASL

In the looming anti-spam era, you'll need to govern how your employees communicate with clients. Here's what you can do now

Why You Should Demand Sick Notes from Employees

sick note

Is it necessary for ill employees to produce notes from their doctors? Maybe not—but smart employers require them anyway

How to Fire a Dud

Illustration: Dan Page

3 tips to help business owners get rid of a bad hire without ending up in court

Don’t Host the Holiday Party from Hell


Three policies to keep your end-of-year celebration from devolving into a company catastrophe

The Unforeseen Consequence of an Employee Lawsuit

lawsuit form

When you’re sued by an employee (or vice-versa), it may cause long-term damage in areas you don't expect

Slave Labour No More: the Art of Ethical Intern Hiring

give me a job

Is it really illegal to bring in that summer intern? What SMEs need to know about labour laws

Worth the Risk? 3 Questions to Ask Before Hiring Temporary Foreign Workers

suit question mark

TFWs may seem smart now, but the hiring move could hurt you in the long term

4 Tips for a Better Telecommuting Policy

man working from couch

Allowing staff to work from home can work—if you take the right steps

The Invisible Disease 1 in 4 Employees Have

man holding unhappy face

6 smart ways to address the workforce issue that costs Canadian companies billions each year

5 Keys to Safe Company Parties

drunk employee

How to avoid your employee bash leaving a lump of coal in your stockings

Getting Your Employees To Show Up

Beach summer umbrella

Curbing employee absenteeism begins with a smart policy approach. Here are 5 keys to get you started

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