Laura Williams

Laura Williams

Laura Williams is an employment lawyer and founder of Williams HR Law in Markham, Ont. She has more than 15 years experience providing proactive solutions to employers aimed at reducing workplace exposures to liability and costs that result from ineffective and non-compliant workplace practices.

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How to Handle Employees Under the Influence at Work

Managers need to be careful when responding to substance abuse in the workplace

What You Should Know Before Throwing a Company Holiday Party

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End-of-year bashes are a common way to thank employees for their hard work over the past 12 months. But employers need to be aware of their obligations to prevent and respond to workplace harassment

What Employers Need to Know About Office Romances

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Failing to have a policy on workplace relationships not only has legal ramifications, it can have a huge impact on workplace morale and engagement

What Employers Must Do to Accommodate Staff

Sick employee resize

The ever-changing scope of workplace accommodation makes it a thorny issue for businesses to navigate. These five best practices help mitigate the threat of penalties or legal challenges

Do Employers Have to Accommodate Vegans?

A plaque identifying the Ontario Human Rights Commission is seen at the entrance to its headquarters in February 2015. Photo: Colin Perkel/CP

The definition of ‘creed’ under Ontario's Human Rights Code has been updated. Here’s what it means for your business

How to Throw a Holiday Celebration That Every Employee Can Enjoy

Photo: Jason Todd/Getty

Businesses are turning their Christmas parties into non-denominational holiday gatherings, but there's no reason to kill the festivities altogether

How to Stop Employees from Undermining Your Cyber Security


Online hackers get headlines, but the real threat to your IT may come from within. These four tips will help protect your business from data disaster

When Off the Clock Doesn’t Mean Off the Hook


How to discipline employees whose out-of-office behaviour tarnishes a company’s reputation

Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on HR Training

Photo: iStock

The Ghomeshi trial shows that managers must act if an employee violates workplace policies or is believed to have broken the law

Piercing the Corporate Dress Code

Photo: Ryan J. Lane/iStock

Why employers shouldn't let employee tattoos and body rings get under their skin

5 Mistakes to Avoid When Investigating Workplace Harassment

Computers in empty office

Recent events have brought the subject of workplace harassment to the fore. Here's how you should deal with such scenarios in your company.

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