Lorella DePieri

Lorella DePieri

Lorella DePieri is Program Director at the Centre of Excellence (CoE) in Sales Leadership at York University’s Schulich Executive Education Centre. The mission of the CoE is to elevate the professionalism of Sales and Sales Leadership. She is also CEO of Results By Design Consultants Inc., designing and delivering learning solutions that lead to sales culture transformation since 1989. And she is a Co-Founder of 1-degree shift Inc., an organization whose mission is to serve and support leaders who have an appetite to transform their cultures.

Facilitator, speaker and executive coach, Lorella inspires and informs as she guides people through organizational and personal transformation. Well known for her energetic and enthusiastic style, Lorella's expertise includes Sales Leadership, Management, Methodology and Performance; Presentation Skills; Coaching; Team-Building; Corporate Culture Transformation


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