Martin Birt

Martin Birt

Martin Birt is the president of After serving seven years in the Canadian Army as a combat arms officer, he has enjoyed a thirty-five year career as a human resources manager, consultant and sought-after adviser to business executives.

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What You Can Learn About Business From Santa

His supply chain strategy and brand equity are near-unbelievable. Four strategies you should copy from the world's jolliest entrepreneur

4 Ways to Make the Most of a Conversation


Building loyalty and trust requires more than just your physical presence. How to have more productive and meaningful one-on-one encounters

What the Maple Leafs (and You) Can Learn from the Patriots

Teammates hoist the Vince Lombardi Trophy after the New England Patriots' win at Super Bowl XLIX—the franchise's fourth win in 15 years. Photo: Christian Petersen/Getty Images

Team-building tips for your company and the NHL’s worst team, from one of the NFL's best

The 5 Stages of Building an Employment Brand

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Your company's reputation as a great place to work depends on your ability to keep the promises—implicit and explicit—you make to your employees

9 Ways to Make Your Company More Creative

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Without innovation, you'll soon get left behind. How to generate great ideas within your business

7 Ways to Develop a Reputation for Politeness

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Good manners doesn't cost you anything, but the returns can be huge. How to show simply courtesy in all your business interactions

How to Craft Strong Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies

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The seven essential elements of effective and sustainable protocols

How to Identify Your Corporate Culture

Two office workers examining patterns in coworker’s hands

It's time to stop talking about foosball tables. What your culture really consists of (and why it matters)

5 Steps to Making Your Employees Better

Photo: iStock

Instead of simply telling them to improve, try actively coaching your staff. You can start by showing you believe in them

6 Tips for Giving Great Feedback to Your Staff

Photo: SelectStock/iStock

Don't wait for a yearly review to let employees know what they're doing wrong—and right

5 Tips for Using a Headhunter to Find Top Talent

Photo: iStock

Picking the right search firm is just as important as recruiting for your own team

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