Mike Desjardins

Mike Desjardins

Mike Desjardins is a transformation specialist at Virtus, a strategic planning and leadership development consultancy based in Vancouver for entrepreneurial business as well as public companies.

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How to Master the Art of Influence

Want to lead with conviction? Follow these principles to win the hearts and minds of those around you

What Does it Really Mean to Think Strategically?

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Adopting these 8 steps will help you establish a strategic mindset for you and your team

39 Leadership Points to Ponder


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How to Spark Creativity

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Visionary strategies require ingenuity, but founders get so mired in execution they forget how to be inventive. Identify and remove these seven common roadblocks and harness the power of creativity

The Benefits of Candour

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The success of your strategic plan hinges on your employees' freedom to express their ideas and feelings. Here are six ways to build freedom of speech into your culture

Be Strategic About Objectives

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Focus and engage your team to determine, and deliver on, your company’s goals

How do I turn my managers into leaders?

The key to helping turn managers into leaders is to ensure the process you use is simple and easy to implement; you can always layer on complexity later. Here’s a ...

Strategic planning success through clear ‘action steps’

The last step in the strategic planning process is one that is often overlooked —or simply missed because time runs out—and yet, it’s one of the most important: the action ...

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Are you making enough of the right decisions, fast enough?

Very rarely do I hear from CEO’s and executives who are worried they will not be able to plot a strategy that makes sense for their company. More often than ...

Fix Your Meetings. Now.


A framework you can use to structure weekly recurring tactical meetings within your business

Readers Choice

Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend