Mira Shenker

Mira Shenker

Mira Shenker writes for (and learns from) entrepreneurial, creative thinkers. Her coverage includes best practices and resources for startups, and tech innovations.

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Is It Time to Let Your Employees Smoke Pot?

What changes to the regulations governing medical marijuana mean for Canadian employers

Why Are Jerks So Successful in Business?

Rap Genius co-founder Mahbod Moghadam told a reporter during a Google chat session that Warren Buffet is a "little bitch." Photo: Hubert Burda Media

Does being an egomaniacal jerk have anything to do with being a successful entrepreneur?

Big Companies Want the Small-Biz Advantage

closeup of female hands while kneading

Can the Pizza Huts of the world create authentically artisanal products? It doesn't matter. They just need to convince customers that they’re the real deal

Was Your Business Prepared for the Polar Vortex?


A sudden crisis could force you to shut down your operation. Do you have a contingency plan?

10 New Year’s Resolutions for the Entrepreneur

2014 new years

Straightforward resolutions business owners can actually get done

Are You a Connector or an Early Bird?

laptop businessman

Find out what your working style is by taking this productivity quiz

Lessons in Bravado from a Rock Star Entrepreneur

Jack Dorsey speaks at AccelerateTO; Image via @kbmdv

You've got a great business idea. Now what? Follow Square founder Jack Dorsey's lead: don't fear failure

We Don’t Need More Female Tech CEOs

Business woman puts her feet up on her desk on the phone

Business Insider's chief technology officer was asked to resign after a series of tweets some labelled as "sexist." If the tech industry is unfriendly to women, the solution is not just more female CEOs

No One Understands Your Mission Statement

Business concept - Paperwork flying around a businessman.

Richard Branson says most mission statements only show potential investors that you DON'T know what your company does—and maybe you don't. How to get clarity

Not Getting Enough Done? Try This Productivity Hack

post it overload

Warning: you may experience some withdrawal

Entrepreneurs Are Real-Life Superheros

Inventor and entrepreneur Elon Musk was director John Favreau's inspiration for the Tony Stark character character in his screen adaptation of Iron Man (a billionaire playboy genius). Photo: Gage Skidmore

True entrepreneurial minds solve big problems instead of little ones

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend