Rick Spence

Rick Spence

Rick Spence is president of Canadian Entrepreneur Communications, a Toronto-based business writer, speaker and consultant dedicated to entrepreneurship and helping businesses grow.

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Crowdfunding: More Than a Financial Flea Market

Crowdfunding is a game changer, no matter what industry you’re in. How to build a supportive community of fans, investors and customers for your business

Is Small Business Week Worth Celebrating?


Why some entrepreneurs don't like the label "small business"

Secrets to Growth Without the Chaos

arrow jumping

Concrete best practices to keep you from stumbling in the dark as you push for consistent growth

Speedy Learning for Speedy Growth

Screen shot from YouTube

Tim Ferriss has mastered the arts of kickboxing, the tango, and Japanese horse archery—and fast. How did he do it?

Superman: Not a Team Player

Even his future Justice League teammate Batman can't stand the way Superman operates at first. Photo: Clay Enos/© Warner Bros./Courtesy Everett Collection/CP

5 warning signs that you've got a Superman complex

The Family Board Meeting

business baby

How can entrepreneurs get closer to their families? Hold a new kind of board meeting

100 Brilliant Business Ideas to Inspire the Entrepreneurial Thinker


Solutions for problems you didn't even know needed solving (edible packaging, anyone?) prove there are countless niches out there—and endless opportunities

How Rehab Sparked Startup Success

Photo: danmartell.com

A tough start led one tech star to multi-million-dollar success. Now he's created a tool for entrepreneurs he says will change the world

5 Ways to Scare Off Gen Y Talent


How to avoid losing skilled coders and marketers to Facebook or Google

You Have 100 Days to Turn New Clients Into Lifers

holding hands

3 steps to building customer loyalty from the beginning

The Time-Management Makeover

to-do list

You've got your to-do list, but what about a "don't-do" list?

Readers Choice

CEO Gregg Saretsky shares his secrets of achieving legendary corporate culture and employee performance