Wayne S. Roberts

Wayne S. Roberts

Wayne Roberts is president and chief creative officer of Blade Creative Branding, a Toronto-based company specializing in strategic branding, creative advertising and innovative online solutions.

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What Branding Has in Common with Biology

The best brands have a life of their own. Why you need to build an ecosystem around yours

Do Super Bowl Ads Even Work?

Photo: Tom Pennington/Getty Images Sport

The long-standing tradition of hyping the Super Bowl, and the ads that go with it, is more about appearance than results.

Beware the Social-Media Pitch

Image: facebook.com/paper

Facebook’s new platform, Paper, is a part of a new breed of social-media platforms. But, as far as businesses are concerned, it’s more of the same

Canada Goose Flies South: So What?


Another great Canadian brand falls into the hands of dreaded American raiders. Smart move for a made-in-Canada company or branding disaster?

Can You Pull Off DIY Branding?


When even an ad man thinks you’re better off taking some marketing activities in-house, you know it’s something to consider

8 Ways To Stand Out at a Trade Show


Only a few exhibitors do what it takes to kick ass on the convention floor. Here’s how to play to win before, during and after the show

5 Simple Ways to Get Clients to Gush About You


Third-party testimonials can be a powerful way to build your business. But how do you get them?

Stamp Your Brand on Your Sales Reps

Cowboy branding a calf New Mexico ranch

4 ways to turn your team into brand boosters

Sorry—Your Website’s Not Good Enough


Four ways to increase your online ROI

7 Keys to Killer Emails


Most marketing emails are irritating or invisible. Here’s how to ensure that your company’s messages are noticed, welcome and effective

4 Keys to Getting Media Coverage


To reach the public through the media, you first need to appeal to journalists. Here’s how to build a good relationship with them

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