What Target Canada’s Bankruptcy Means for Small Suppliers

The retailer's decision to withdraw from Canada leaves vendors in the lurch

How to Compete with U.S. Retailers Online

online shopping resize2

Canadian shoppers are being lured to American sites with perks, and domestic companies are stuck playing catch-up.

Is Your Company on This Map of Target Canada’s Creditors?


The Canadian arm of the retail chain owes $3.4 billion to 1,796 vendors, all the way from Seoul to St. Catharines.

How Big Cola is Profiting from Customer Flight

Photo: Matt Rourke/AP/CP

As consumers get more health-conscious, Coke and Pepsi launch smaller sizes to boost sales

“Made in Canada” is Key to This Hatmaker’s Brand

Photo: Tilley Endurables/CP

Tilley Endurables founder Alex Tilley prepares to sell his company

Can Ontario’s Manufacturing Sector Make a Comeback?

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick/CP

Tumbling oil prices have hampered Western Canada, but the central provinces may not be ready to pick up the slack

The Future of Fashion is Athletic

Photo: Jordan Siemens/Getty

Yoga pants are the new jeans, with more and more clothing companies joining the ‘athleisure’ race

A Second-Generation Success Story: Linda Hasenfratz at Linamar

Linamar CEO Linda Hasenfratz

Linda Hasenfratz had to fill big shoes: her father's. Her apprenticeship at Linamar helped her succeed.

How Corporate Culture Can Backfire

Photo: Wavebreak/iStock

Much of Silicon Valley's success is attributed to culture, but the industry has a diversity problem. We need to talk about women in tech.

Modular Housing’s New Look

Bone Structure illustration

As demand for cheap, safe housing grows all over the world, these Canadian companies are building innovative modular homes.

Spinning Off for the Sake of It

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty Images North America

Big companies are carving out parts of themselves under pressure from activist investors. Why you shouldn't jump into the fray.

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