How to Avoid Becoming the Next Future Shop, Target or Jacob

Giving consumers what they want requires a change in approach

How “Made in Canada” Can Save You Money

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This Winnipeg firm is taking on IKEA by making the most of local manufacturing

The 4 Essentials of Legendary Customer Service

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What you can learn from a brand with a reputation for always going above and beyond

The Key to a Brighter and More Energy-Efficient Office

Lumenpulse's office

New technology manufactured by Canadian companies promises to revolutionize your workplace

What’s Your Localness Score?

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Consumers are increasingly curious about the source of their purchases. How that could affect your business

The Smart Way to Respond to a Tough Market

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How a happy accident led one entrepreneur to discover a new audience for his offering

Take Advantage of These Technology Opportunities

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Opportunities 2015: 5 developments you need to consider in the world of gadgets and gizmos.

The Key to Making Consumers Pick Your Product


This component of merchandise can determine the outcome of a purchasing decision.

What Fast-Growing Firms Know About Innovation

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3 Key Charts: startups' chief creativity constraints, sharing economy truth and a key export market.

What Consumers Want Right Now

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Opportunities 2015: Emerging trends and markets you can take advantage of.

One More Thing You Can Learn from Apple

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The world's most valuable company really does think differently about its consumers. Why that matters.

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The rules of management are changing, and knowing when and how to use this phrase is crucial

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