The High Cost of Canada’s Low Duty-Free Limit

The threshold for importing goods into Canada duty-free is the lowest by far in the industrialized world—a burden that disproportionately hurts small businesses.

What Your Investors Want to Hear From You

*How To Union Negotiation

A productive relationship with your financial backers depends on an effective communications strategy. What you should be telling them, and how

When a Huge U.S. Brand Enters Your Market

Photo: iStock

Krispy Kreme may be expanding in Canada, but local doughnut shops aren't concerned. Here's how they'll hold on to their customers

How to Promote Products on Pinterest


Aldo used the picture-heavy platform to connect with brides. Inside the Canadian footwear retailer's innovative social media strategy

Where Social Responsibility Is a Selling Point


Fintech firms are trying to appeal to millennials through their desire to support sustainability

The Smart Way to Hop Onto a Viral Craze

Pokemon Go players stopping outside the Huge Cafe in downtown Atlanta, Ga., in search of digital monsters. Photo: Brinson McGowan/Huge via AP)

Business owners are capitalizing on the sudden, immense popularity of Pokémon Go by using the game to attract customers

The New Way to Sell Dinner

Illustration: iStock

Canadians who don’t cook are increasingly taking advantage of the convenience of delivery, including new meal kits services

The Case for Putting Your Employees in the Marketing Spotlight

Illustration: iStock

Staff are the frontline of your firm. Why you should put them at the heart of your advertising too

How to Prepare for the Coming Slowdown in Startup Funding


Investors are flush with cash, but cautious about spending it. Why Canada's fledgling tech firms need to get ready for the new, frugal venture capitalist

What Online Retailers Need Physical Stores For

A Frank + Oak pop--up store at Toronto's Drake Hotel in 2013. Photo: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star/Getty

Some major Canadian e-commerce operators are moving into bricks-and-mortar to promote their brands and boost sales

How Canada’s Immigration System is Failing Tech Startups

Illustration: Yarek Waszul

Complicated and sluggish protocols are curbing access to foreign talent—just when firms need it most

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