Why It’s Time to Pay Attention to Tablets

Nearly half of Canadians now use tablet computers regularly. Is your business prepared to capitalize on this growing market?

Social Media is No Longer Sexy


Smart marketers are cottoning on to the fact that if it doesn't increase sales, it’s probably not worth doing

3 Reasons to Abolish Checkout Lines

Cashier bored because there are no customers.  Isolated on white.

Mobile payment technology can make the worst part of retail so much better. Here’s one take on why the traditional cash register should die

It’s Your Last Chance to Enter the 2014 PROFIT 500!


Want to join Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies? You have until 11:59 EDT to declare your candidacy

The 4 Fundamentals of Great Customer Service


Simple ways to keep people coming back again, and again, and again

The Massive Audience That 60% of Small Firms Are Missing


Canadians are the most voracious internet users in the world, yet more than half of small businesses in Canada don’t have a website

Will This Save the Smartwatch?

Minuum aims to make typing on smartwatches intuitive

Toronto startup aims to make typing intuitive on burgeoning wearable-tech market. Can it convince the public to embrace the new?

What It Will Take to Build Another BlackBerry

OMERS Ventures has invested heavily in Vancouver-based HootSuite. (Photo: HootSuite)

The new head of OMERS Ventures talks about big deals, “patient money” and why he’s so excited about the Canadian tech sector

Was Mark Carney Wrong All Along?

Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada

New criticism blames the actions of the former Bank of Canada head for manufacturing's struggles. Is it fair?

Where Major Canadian Retailers Are Failing


And how smaller chains and independents can outpace them in the quest to go digital

The Surprising Benefit of 3-D Printing

Printing Plastic Wire with 3D Printer

The DIY technology democratizes manufacturing by giving everyone access to production. And that's good for innovation

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