Meet Canada’s Fastest-Growing Logistics Firms

18 super-successful companies who use innovation and great service to keep supply chains moving (and sales soaring)

Infographic: How Mexican Exporters are Beating Canadians


Lower wages and more favourable free trade deals have made Mexico a rising power in a surprising sector: automotive

The Truth About Globalization


Despite lingering "Buy America" and "France First" policies, protectionism isn't a real threat to the increasingly interconnected global economy

How Cervélo Built a Better Bike


The Toronto company set out to create the world's fastest road-racing bicycle. Here's how they did it

Roger Hardy, Change Agent


The founder of Coastal Contacts built a global business by making glasses at home

How to Revitalize the Family Business

kathy cheng

When the recession devastated the business her father built, Kathy Cheng decided to take it in a bold new direction

Mass Customization: The Future of Manufacturing

(Photo: Charlie Mahoney)

New technology and changing customer demands are shifting entrenched production systems. And that's great news for SMEs

It’s Your Last Chance to Enter the 2014 PROFIT 500!


Want to join Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies? You have until 11:59 EDT to declare your candidacy

Was Mark Carney Wrong All Along?

Mark Carney, former governor of the Bank of Canada

New criticism blames the actions of the former Bank of Canada head for manufacturing's struggles. Is it fair?

The Surprising Benefit of 3-D Printing

Printing Plastic Wire with 3D Printer

The DIY technology democratizes manufacturing by giving everyone access to production. And that's good for innovation

The All-Powerful Loonie? Not So Much

Skilled factory worker small

Why the loonie's movements figure less and less in businesses' plans, and the real factors Canadian manufacturers and exporters should consider

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