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All aboard! Ottawa’s new $33-billion shipbuilding program will benefit businesses of all kinds in Halifax, Vancouver and in between.

Chantal Guay
CEO Engineers Canada, Ottawa

“The shipbuilding contracts will require a wide range of professional services. The government has announced that the projects will create thousands of direct and indirect jobs, with a lot of spinoff jobs coming from the contracts. We’re talking everything from plumbers to marketers to individuals in the food industry. As for engineers, the contracts will bring them opportunities to supply marine, environmental, mechanical systems and metals and materials engineering services, among others.”

Karna Gupta
President & CEO Information Technology Association of Canada, Toronto

“You don’t typically think of shipbuilding as an information and communications technology (ICT) initiative. But the builders and their subcontractors will need a massive amount of ICT infrastructure to go in. First, there will be greater adoption and utilization of technologies that are out there today, such as ERP tools. Second, a lot of new innovation and new technologies will be coming to the table. It’s going to be very beneficial for both existing ICT companies and new entrants alike.”

Bill Greenhalgh
CEO Human Resources Professionals Association, Toronto

“All suppliers to shipbuilding projects will have challenges, in terms of an aging workforce and a shortage of skilled tradespeople. So, for HR services providers, hiring and training will be big opportunities. Some of these subcontractors and suppliers may get to the point at which they need to hire their own HR managers. Others will increase their use of pay-per-use HR services. As a result, companies that offer outsourced HR services are likely to see some increased business.”

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