Lessons in Retail Reinvention From Indigo’s Heather Reisman

Many had their doubts when the founder of Indigo sought to move beyond book selling and create a retailer for the digital age. But the strategy is starting to pay off

Why the Walmart-Visa Deal Could Be Bad News for SMEs

merchant using credit card machine

The CFIB says independents could pay the price for a recent accord between the two giant companies

Will Consumers Get Over the Ick Factor of Eating Insects?

One Hop Kitchen's Eli Cadesky shows off his company's insect protein based pasta sauces and protein material. Photo: Frank Gunn/CP

A number of entrepreneurs are hoping to turn bug protein into a pantry staple. How they're convincing people to give it a try, one bit at a time

4 Retail Trends to Watch For Next Year

A selection of handbags at Saks Fifth Avenue's new store in downtown Toronto, in February 2016. Photo: Nathan Denette/CP

Stores will need to adapt to the continued rise of e-commerce and the hollowing out of the mid-market in 2017

Proof That Nostalgia Really Sells

Eric Rego stitches L.L. Bean boots in the company's Brunswick, Maine facility. Photo: Pat Wellenbach/AP Photo/CP

Bootmaker L.L. Bean is ramping up production to meet demand as retro becomes the new consumer must-have

What It Takes to Produce the Hottest Toy of the Holiday Season

Tiana Wilson age 8 with the most sought-after toy of this Christmas season, Spin Master's Hatchimals, at the Dreamtoys Fair in London. Photo: Nils Jorgensen/REX/Shutterstock/CP

Toronto's Spin Master is winning the Christmas present contest this year with Hatchimals. Here's how it's handling the huge demand

4 Holiday Shopping Trends to Watch

Photo: Betsie Van der Meer/Getty

Retailers gearing up for this year's winter selling season will need to keep an eye on these items, categories and consumer preferences

The Harry Rosen Way to Build Customer Loyalty

Canadian menswear titan Harry Rosen in front of his flagship Bloor Street store in Toronto, in October 2016

The retail legend and menswear entrepreneur explains how he formed connections with his clientele and why he's still learning at 85

Why Food is the New Retail Must-Have

The food court at the Rideau Centre in Ottawa. Photo: Adrian Wyld/CP

Shopping centres and malls are focusing on culinary offerings and ambience to bring in customers looking for experiences they can't get online

How to Master Acquisitions


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips:'s Roger Hardy shares his top criteria when purchasing another business

Can a Street Have Too Many Restaurants?

Arthurs restaurant on Notre-Dame street in Montreal's St.-Henri district

Concerned that eateries are crowding out other storefronts, a Montreal neighbourhood is restricting where they can open. Why anti-gentrification sentiment is on the rise

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