Target’s Exit Leaves Billions Up for Grabs

The company's decision to exit Canada will leave a gap to be filled. But retailers should beware the coming fire sale.

“Made in Canada” is Key to This Hatmaker’s Brand

Photo: Tilley Endurables/CP

Tilley Endurables founder Alex Tilley prepares to sell his company

The Future of Fashion is Athletic

Photo: Jordan Siemens/Getty

Yoga pants are the new jeans, with more and more clothing companies joining the ‘athleisure’ race

Why TV is the Best Way to Build Your Brand

Photo: CMO Brett Keller on why online-only businesses still buy traditional TV ads

Markets on Wheels: The New Food Truck Opportunity

Photo: Green Fuse Photohraphy/FoodShare Toronto

Forget burgers and fries. Produce-selling vehicles are rolling into urban centres and remote areas bearing fresh food.

5 Things to Watch Out for in a Vendor Agreement

Woman shopping in supermarket

Securing a purchasing order from a huge retailer is a big win. Here's how to ensure you can finance and factor it.

Falling Behind the Competition Can Be Fatal

Mexx boutique at the Carrefour Laval shopping mall in Laval, Que., December 5, 2014.

Dutch clothing retailer Mexx International failed to keep up with fast fashion trend

Kick to Click: the End of the Computer Mouse?

A conceptual photo involving a computer mouse and a mouse trap

A new way to move your cursor and 10 other business ideas, products and strategies in the latest Ingenuity Index

The Technology Saving In-Store Shopping


More and more retailers are using beacons to merge in-store shopping with mobile access to information—and data shows they work

Infographic: The Problem with E-Commerce in Canada

online shopping resize2

As Cyber Monday approaches, too few Canadian retailers know how to satiate growing demand for online shopping

The Real Reason Canadians Dislike Mobile Payments

NFC - Near field communication, mobile payment

It has nothing to do with discomfort with the technology: the truth is, there are too many alternatives that work

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