When to Bypass Retail Stores and Sell to Customers Directly

An army of consultants helped Peekaboo Beans’ Traci Costa build her kidswear brand

The 2015 PROFIT 500: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Retail Companies


These storefronts are buzzing. Meet some of the industry's most successful businesses

The Global Consumer Brand You Didn’t Know Was Canadian


Vancouver's Herschel has built an international global consumer base by being adaptable

How to Make Just the Right Amount of Product

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Not being able to meet clients' needs hurts your brand, but so does excess inventory. Five steps to successful supply chain management

What Your Growing Company Needs from You

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Founders can sometimes get left behind as their businesses scale up. Three ways you can adapt to expansion and maintain your entrepreneurial edge

3 Ways to Unlock the Lucrative “Local” Market

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As consumers increasingly focus on where products come from, embracing your localness can help you face down larger competitors

Who Controls Back-to-School Spending?

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A new report suggests teenagers, not their parents, are making buying decisions. How to appeal to Generation Z

How to Get a Struggling Business Back on Track

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When Marcello Leone took over RYU, it was headed nowhere. What he did to turn it around

The Parent You Should Be Marketing To

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A new study shows that dads spend more and have more brand loyalty than moms

The Weak Loonie Is an Opportunity for Retailers


As the dollar loses value against the greenback, Canadian consumers are more likely to do their shopping on this side of the border

How Recent Payment Trends Could Affect Small Retailers

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A Bank of Canada report shows consumers—particularly millennials—increasingly favour credit cards

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The definitive 2015 list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

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