A New Way to Get on Consumers’ Smartphones

You don't need an app to offer deals or promote products in-store

What’s Your Localness Score?

Illustration: Perysty/iStock

Consumers are increasingly curious about the source of their purchases. How that could affect your business

The Key to Making Consumers Pick Your Product


This component of merchandise can determine the outcome of a purchasing decision.

What Consumers Want Right Now

Photo: LJupco/iStock

Opportunities 2015: Emerging trends and markets you can take advantage of.

This Key Recruit Could Sway Customers Your Way

Photo: Darren Calabrese/CP

Consumers choose between brands based on trust. Here's one way to earn it.

The Huge Demand Canadian Firms Are Failing to Meet

Photo: Paha_L/iStock

Canadians love this product, but we don't produce enough of it. Why we're losing out to imports.

Get Ready to Ride the Micro-Condo Wave

Photo: Ho-Reliance Properties/CP

A flood of tiny apartments are set to hit the market this year, and new tenants will need services to match

How to Help Customers Decide What They Like

Photo: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star/Getty

Canadian e-commerce success story Frank & Oak rolls out curation service

A Cautionary Tale About Keeping Current

Photo: Joe Raedle/Getty

At its height, RadioShack was opening three stores a day, but missing key opportunities turned it into a punchline

Why Aren’t You Using Canada’s New Free Trade Deals?

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick/CP

Federal International Trade Minister Ed Fast says businesses need to look beyond the U.S. and seek out newly-open foreign markets

The Way to a Man’s Stomach

Photo: Alija/iStock

Convenience drives the healthy eating habits of men, so make sure you're close by

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend

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