The Global Consumer Brand You Didn’t Know Was Canadian

Vancouver's Herschel has built an international global consumer base by being adaptable

Who Controls Back-to-School Spending?

Photo: iStock

A new report suggests teenagers, not their parents, are making buying decisions. How to appeal to Generation Z

How to Get a Struggling Business Back on Track

Photo: iStock

When Marcello Leone took over RYU, it was headed nowhere. What he did to turn it around

The Parent You Should Be Marketing To

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A new study shows that dads spend more and have more brand loyalty than moms

The Weak Loonie Is an Opportunity for Retailers


As the dollar loses value against the greenback, Canadian consumers are more likely to do their shopping on this side of the border

How Recent Payment Trends Could Affect Small Retailers

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A Bank of Canada report shows consumers—particularly millennials—increasingly favour credit cards

Are Municipal Property Taxes Unfair to Small Businesses?


Main street retailers argue this crucial source of city revenue makes it impossible to survive

Why Your Job Postings Should Be More Detailed

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3 Key Charts: candidates' information expectations, independent retailers' investments in e-commerce, and North American FDI

Why the E-Commerce Threat Continues to Grow

E-commerce. Shopping cart and credit cards on laptop

Canada Post data suggests Canadians are now comfortable buying almost anything online

How Loblaw Keeps Up With Consumer Trends


Canada's Most Innovative Companies 2015: the chain is reimagining what a grocery store can be

The Hot New Food Fad with a Distinctly Canadian Flavour

(L to R) Trader Joe's pure coconut water, C2O pure coconut water, Coco Cafe vanilla coconut water cafe latte, Zico pure premium coconut water, O.N.E. coconut water, and Happy Tree maple water and maple syrup. Photo: Matthew Mead/AP Photo/CP

Companies hope water flavoured with maple tree sap can captivate the fickle beverage market

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