Do Loyalty Programs Actually Work?

Customers today can be fickle, and that creates a big problem for brands looking to secure repeat business

The Art of Selling to Giant Corporations

PROFIT Business Cast

A man who's won over Loblaw's, Sobeys and Couche-Tard shares what smaller firms can do to get big business

The Smart Way to Sell Ethnic Products

Fresh Organic Coconut Water in a Glass

With immigration on the rise and more Canadians trying new things, savvy firms will go global in their product mix

What You Can Learn From Walmart’s Mistakes


The retail giant has been doing some serious experimenting around the world, and its mixed results offer many lessons

Growth Market: The Wild Frontier of Outdoor Retail

Father and son fishing

Leading chains show what you need to succeed in this white-hot sector—and where there's still room to expand

Meet Canada’s Fastest-Growing Retailers


23 savvy and inventive companies that demonstrate what it takes for Canadian storefronts to thrive today

Roger Hardy’s Next Big Thing


The founder explains his next ecommerce play: the acquisition of online shoe retailer

One Way to Service Quebec (Without the Red Tape)

Cornwall, Ont.

Retailers are using Cornwall, Ont.'s bustling logistics hub as a lower tax, less onerous way to serve La belle province

Do Big-Box Stores Help Independent Retailers?


New research suggests that retail giants aren't always the huge threat they're perceived to be

How Dov Charney Lost American Apparel

American Apparel Store Entrance, Miami Beach

The firing of the controversial Canadian founder and CEO was both totally expected and completely unexpected

One Company’s Grounds for Success

Neil Madden of ECS Coffee Inc. (Photo: Darren Calabrese)

ECS Coffee Inc. didn't start out as a fast-growing retailer. But Neil Madden saw a shift in the market—and pounced on it (twice)

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Too few business leaders give enough thought into who will take over when they go, and it can yield disastrous results

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