Why Black Friday Sales Rarely Pay Off

The American shopping tradition has a poor track record of profitability for Canadian retailers. Better to save the deals for Boxing Day

Where Consumers Would Like to Do Their Holiday Shopping


Bricks-and-mortar still rules, but shoppers want mobile options to supplement the retail experience

The Independent Retailer’s Tech Advantage

SmallBiz Small Talk

Big chains are slow to implement innovation. How some small businesses are going high-tech to better connect with customers

How to Start Selling on the Subway

Photo: Xavier Arnau/iStock

Transit-takers are a huge captive market, but tapping into commuter commerce will require retailers to get mobile

This Holiday Season Could Be a Happy One for Canadian Retailers


Sales are set to grow, but capitalizing on consumer spending will mean adapting to changing trends

What MEC Did to Become Canada’s Best Brand


The transformation from niche retailer to a national hub for outdoor lifestyles was a tricky exercise. Here’s why it worked

Where the World’s Biggest Luxury Consumers Choose to Shop

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Buyers of high-end products plan their travels based on deals, not destinations

Consumer Trends to Capitalize on This Holiday Shopping Season

Shopping cart close up shot,  looking for solution or answers.

A new survey shows Canadian consumers like discounts, but not single-day mega-sales

What’s Driven Recent Sales Growth for Retailers?


Canadian companies are optimistic about the future thanks to a revenue bump in the last year

Consumers Are Open to Location-Based Offers


A new study shows shoppers like the idea of receiving rewards and deals based on their whereabouts. Time to bring in the beacons

The Retail Concept That Gets Consumers in a Buying Mood

Photo: David Zelikovitz

Video: DavidsTea CEO Sylvain Toutant shows us around the retailer's flagship location

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The definitive 2015 list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

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