Good News: Consumers Want to Spend

A new study finds buyers are cautiously confident about their own finances—and about what lies ahead

The 4 Fundamentals of Great Customer Service


Simple ways to keep people coming back again, and again, and again

Where Major Canadian Retailers Are Failing


And how smaller chains and independents can outpace them in the quest to go digital

Lessons from a Marketing Legend: Aldo Bensadoun

Photograph by Richmond Lam

The shoe retail kingpin shares his advice, influences and the biggest gamble he ever took

Canadian Bitcoin Bank Collapses Following Hack


Security breach puts the future of the digital currency in question

How Smartphones Affect Your Customers’ Brains


Study finds mobile devices influence how people remember, and emotionally respond to, ads. Is your business adapting?

Canadian Shoppers Increasingly Worried About Online Security


Poll: Almost half of Canadian Internet users shop online once a month

Getting to No. 1 in a “Winner Takes All” Market

PROFIT Business Cast

How does digital circular company Wishabi plan on ruling its market? “We’re doing to flyers what Google did to maps”

French Firm To Acquire Coastal Contacts


Vancouver-based eyewear firm behind to be bought for $430 million

The 4 Things Successful Retailers Know About Today’s Consumer


New report identifies the changing shopping behaviour of Canadians—and suggests how retailers can adapt

The Click-and-Collect Sales Model


Large retailers are experimenting with a new online sales tactic in Canada, one that has worked well in the U.K. and France

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One in 10 workers have a substance abuse problem—and that’s dangerous for everyone. Here’s how to manage the risk

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