The 4 Most Promising Technologies at CES 2017

Sure, drones are cool. But voice-recognition technology and smart security are where the real business opportunities are

5 of the Best Technology Lessons From 2016


Automation, whether for chatbots or cars, is moving quickly but still has a long journey to the mainstream. Meanwhile, other ideas literally blew up

What You Can Learn From BlackBerry’s Big Pivot


The tech giant tweaked its raison d'etre in 2016, and it wasn't to go bigger

How to Cut Through a Crowded Market

Photoillustration: iStock

If the food-delivery app space seems stuffed, well, it kind of is. A simpler solution is in order

Meet the Entrepreneur Building a Unicorn on Mortgage Technology


How solving problems in the real estate industry could turn Real Matters into a billion-dollar business

Meet the Olympic Star With Startup Ambitions

Former Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps with Intuit Chairman and CEO Brad Smith in San Jose, Calif. in October 2016. Photo: Marcio Jose Sanchez/AP Photo/CP

Swimmer Michael Phelps is the latest celebrity looking to get into the tech world, but will he soar like Dr. Dre or sink like Curt Schilling?

Where the Next Big AI Breakthrough Could Come From

Computer science professor Yoshua Bengio leads the AI-pioneering Montreal Institute for Learning Algorithms. Photo: Graham Hughes/CP

Tech giants are investing in a Montreal research lab that could lead to more startups and products

The Huge Opportunity of Precision Agriculture

Photo: iStock

A new generation of technology companies are helping farmers lower their costs and boost yields. But it means changing long-standing habits

Is Atlantic Canada the Country’s Next Tech Hub?


The young people of the eastern provinces shouldn't have to leave to find jobs, says one executive. Why you might want to set up shop near them

How to Master Acquisitions


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips:'s Roger Hardy shares his top criteria when purchasing another business

What You Can Learn About Modern Business From Loblaw

Photo: Steve Russell/Toronto Star/Getty

The grocery giant illustrates that every company is becoming a software company. How it developed a knack for predicting—and shaping—Canadians’ retail habits

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Many had their doubts when the founder of Indigo sought to move beyond book selling and create a retailer for the digital age. But the strategy is starting to pay off

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