What Makes an Event Truly Great

Terrific events don't just happen. They're helped by companies who really get what resonates with guests

Inside Waterloo’s Quiet Tech Titan


OpenText lacks the sizzle of companies like BlackBerry, but not the ambition

How Salesforce Plans to Bring Wearable Tech To Business


“This is as much a platform for business as the smartphone was,” CRM giant says

Why Tesla Opened Its Patents


Inside the electric car-maker's deccision to hand over its technology to the world

Stringent Digital Privacy Laws are Bad For Business: Report

Security concept: Lock on digital screen

New research reveals that cracking down on online privacy stifles competition and doesn’t always help consumers

17 Simple Ways to Master Social Media

Social media

PROFIT 500 leaders reveal their top techniques for mastering LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter et al

The End of Net Neutrality is Good for Business


Bandwidth hogs like YouTube, Netflix and Skype have had a free ride for too long. It's time to start paying up

Why Mobile is a Retailer’s Best Friend


Ubiquitous smartphones and cheap analytics tools are giving storeowners what they've long craved: accurate customer data

Get to Know the Twitter of Tomorrow


The social-media powerhouse is making some big changes. Here's how your business can benefit

Why Today’s Startups Aim to Sell

For sale

Forget the long haul: a new survey shows the majority of emerging Canadian companies hope to be acquired within three years

Salesforce Closes In On HootSuite’s Turf

Ryan Holmes of HootSuite (Photo: Grant Harder)

The CRM powerhouse is now offering an integrated social media management platform—and not everyone is a fan

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How Avid Life Media Inc.—home of controversial dating site—builds brand awareness around the world, one affair at a time

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