Meet the Startup That Builds Other Startups

Vancouver's Axiom Zen turns product ideas into fully-fledged firms, and fast. How Roham Gharegozlou and his team are reinventing the company

What You Must Do Before Launching an Equity Crowdfunding Campaign

PROFIT Business Cast

Before you can list on a portal and raise money from the masses, you need to get your business in order

Why So Many Companies Are Looking to Partner Up Right Now


With economic growth slowing, the M&A and JV markets are heating up. But more informal collaboration is also on the rise

The Big Benefits of Taking Your Business Virtual

cloud computing

Who needs an office? Cabinetry retailer Doordoer does all its selling online, and founder Alain Albert runs his company the same way

Why Your Staff Should All Sit Together At Lunch

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

Chowing down next to their colleagues will make your employees perform better at their work, according to a recent study of firefighters

How to Use PR to Sell Your Company’s Story

Photo: iStock

To grab the attention of the public and prospective customers, you need to be doing these key things

How to Design a Product That Still Has Appeal 60 Years Later

Photo: Lunchbox

This rugged Canadian classic radiates durability—in bubble gum pink or any other colour

Why You Shouldn’t Borrow Heavily Despite Today’s Low Interest Rates

Illustration: Nicholas Little

In the current climate, it’s tempting to lean on loans and lines of credit. Here's how it could backfire

5 Tips for Maximizing Your Money from the PROFIT 500

(Clockwise from top left) Joe Thacker of Fusion Retail Analytics; Sarah English of Usability Matters; Sajan Choksi of Innovative Vision; Kevin Higgins of Fusion Learning; and Kevin Danylchuk of Vanguard Pharma.

Smart cash flow strategies from Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

10 Cash-Flow Red Flags to Watch Out For

Photo: iStock

Having a solid grasp of the money you’re owed—and when—is a must for every small business owner. These signs might indicate its time for a rethink

The Debt-Free Way to Grow Your Business

Illustration: Nicholas Little

Proof that bootstrapping is actually possible: Calgary's Splice Software funded a major expansion by hoarding cash for surprise expenses and staying focused on cost controls

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In one letter to staff, the CEO of Sanjel announced the company’s bankruptcy, the sale of two divisions and his own resignation. An annotated guide to his communication errors

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