The Most Effective Pastime for Your Next Business Trip

Got an hour to kill, and not sure whether to see the sights or get some exercise? Do both with a jogging tour

The potential pitfall of a Tim Hortons-Burger King merger


A merger between Tim Hortons and Burger King makes sense financially. But merging corporate cultures is far more difficult

How to Avoid the “Ugly Email”

typing email

5 simple steps to give you a brand and communications makeover

The Smart Way to Sell Ethnic Products

Fresh Organic Coconut Water in a Glass

With immigration on the rise and more Canadians trying new things, savvy firms will go global in their product mix

5 Essential Marketing Trends to Watch


An industry veteran pegs the marketing developments that no company can ignore this fall

Inside a Waterloo Firm’s Bold New Invention


The brand-new Myo armband allows users to control devices with Jedi-esque hand movements. Here's how it came to be

The Case Against Working in Clusters


Widely touted as hothouses for innovation and growth, industrial clusters might not actually help smaller exporters

Why It’s a Great Time to Fire Someone


In today's economy, employee retention is highly overrated. It's time for smart leaders to embrace a bit of turnover

Quebec to Get a New Domain Name

Canada, Quebec, province flag of Quebec

Will the new brand new .quebec domain create opportunities for businesses, or hold them back?

How a Cold Call Can Start a Business

Global Relay

One day, a Vancouver firm phoned U.S. regulators to inquire about new rules, and a multi-million-dollar business was born

Introducing Edmonton’s Fastest-Growing Companies


22 companies that demonstrate what it takes to build a thriving business in Alberta's capital

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The CEO of OMERS Ventures wants to kick-start Silicon Valley North. And he’s putting his money where his mouth is

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