The Smart Guide to Company Communication

Stop getting your wires crossed. Technological tools and tricks to help your staff and clients connect and collaborate like never before

Where Virtual Reality Fits Into the Workplace


The promise of VR to help colleagues collaborate wherever they are is huge—but it’s going to be a few years yet

How to Get More Done With “Unified Communications”


This growing Ontario company improved customer service and staff morale by picking a tool people actually like to use

11 Signs Your Internal Communication Strategy Is Broken

Illustration: John Devolle

Too many offices are drowning in email, instant messages and more

How to Use Instant Messaging Productively


Social tools like Slack and Yammer can help your company get a lot more done—as long as you know what to do with them

How to Pay Store Staff in the E-Commerce Age


As consumers increasingly make their purchases online, retailers are having to reconsider commission structures for their sales associates

Ask a Millennial: Why Are You So Scared of Talking on the Phone?

Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick. Photo: Roberto Caruso

Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on how young workers really feel about calling

What Joe Fresh’s U.S. Struggles Show About International Expansion

Photo: Lee Brown/CP

Loblaws' clothing brand fizzled out across the border. Can it use those hard-earned lessons elsewhere?

3 Tips for Coming Up With More Creative Ideas

PROFIT Business Cast

Brainstorming expert Marilyn Barefoot on how leaders can inspire their teams and companies to find amazingly innovative solutions to their problems

Where Laid-Off Workers Go Next


A Statistics Canada study found a link between Canadians who lose their jobs and enrolment in post-secondary institutions

What 77% of Canadians Would Switch Jobs For


More than three-quarters of Canadians (and 70% of small business workers) workers would swap employers if offered this benefit

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend

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