Human Resources

4 Steps for Fighting Infighting

Conflict resolution is a vital addition to the business owner toolkit

What to Pay a New Sales Hire

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Money matters, whether you're recruiting a young graduate or a star performer

Lessons 2014: You’re Only as Good as Your People

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Executives are the public face of your company. Making sure they say and do the right thing is vital to maintaining a positive brand image.

Why Your Employees’ Fitness is Your Problem

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Personal development goals boost employee engagement and keep workers in good shape

Hiring is the Biggest Challenge of 2015 for Small Businesses

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Finding the right people is hard, and it’s getting harder

How Corporate Culture Can Backfire

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Much of Silicon Valley's success is attributed to culture, but the industry has a diversity problem. We need to talk about women in tech.

8 Low-Cost Ways to Engage Employees


There's a simple technique for figuring out what your workers want: just ask them

Get Yourself a Batphone to Rally Your Troops Into Action


The CEO of Tangerine Bank explains how he handled the bank's rebranding

Marketing Starts with Your Own Employees

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The strength of your brand relies on your workforce, because engaged workers are creative and productive workers.

Not Every Employee Needs a Non-Compete Clause

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Onerous contract stipulations don't make your company better, but they make employees' lives worse.

Why you should only check your email three times a day

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Constantly refreshing your inbox is linked to higher stress

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Tasks that are due in the present are more likely to get done than those in the future

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