Human Resources

Why Your Staff Look So Sleepy

More than a quarter of employees are going to work tired, according to a recent survey. How that affects employers and what they can do about it

Why You Should Force Staff to Socialize More With One Another

Illustration: Peter Arkle

When co-workers are mandated to get to know each other outside their work, everyone wins

The Hidden Costs of Unlimited Vacation Policies


How unstructured, unlimited holiday policies can backfire, leaving companies with burned out employees and big bills instead of a well-rested workforce

What Employers Need to Know About Office Romances

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Failing to have a policy on workplace relationships not only has legal ramifications, it can have a huge impact on workplace morale and engagement

The Active Way to Build Your Team

Photo: CEFutcher/iStock

"Sweatworking" can be a good way to identify promising candidates and help co-workers get to know each other. Why mixing sweat and networking makes sense

Why You Should Let Employees Take Personal Calls at Work

Photo: iStock

Switching between personal and professional tasks at your desk may actually improve productivity

Ask a Millennial: Just How Much Praise Do You Really Need?

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on what Gen Y expects in terms of feedback

Why Professional Development Isn’t Working For All Your Employees

Photo: iStock

Career and leadership training events tend to maximize social interaction. But many employees would benefit from a different approach

What Employers Must Do to Accommodate Staff

Sick employee resize

The ever-changing scope of workplace accommodation makes it a thorny issue for businesses to navigate. These five best practices help mitigate the threat of penalties or legal challenges

How Much Should You Raise Salaries for 2017?

Photo: iStock

A recent survey suggests wage increases for next year will be the lowest in more than two decades

This Canadian Company Used Pokémon Go to Catch Job Candidates

Abell Pest Control's Pokémon Go-themed recruitment effort

Abell Pest Control set off 100 'lures' in an effort to get the attention of potential employees

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