Human Resources

Why Employees Who Love Their Jobs Leave

A new study finds a majority of workers who are happy at their current companies are eyeing the exit

The Friendly Factor That Improves Employee Performance


A more diverse social circle is correlated with better networking skills and greater effectiveness at work

When to Fire the First Person You Hired


Your original employees don't always evolve with your business. How to know what to do about it

The Growing Challenge of Medical Marijuana in the Workplace

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Employment law around doctor-prescribed cannabis is evolving, and businesses must adapt accordingly

How to Bridge the Skills Gap for Yourself


What can you do if institutions aren’t pumping out the kind of talent you need? Mandy Gilbert of Creative Niche, a 2015 PROFIT 500 firm, simply built a better school

The Big Benefits of Eliminating Middle Managers


Travel management firm CTMS is fast, nimble and, most important, saving a bundle. It's a combination that landed the company a spot on the 2015 PROFIT 500

How to Wow New Hires from Day One


At Achievers, employee engagement begins as soon as someone accepts a job offer. It's a strategy that helped the firm make the 2015 PROFIT 500

What Generation Y Wants From Employers

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Engaging and retaining millennials starts with understanding how they differ from previous workforce cohorts

Why You Shouldn’t Necessarily Promote Your Best Employees

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Companies tend to elevate their hardest-working, most ambitious staff until they find a role they hate

How to Identify Your Corporate Culture

Two office workers examining patterns in coworker’s hands

It's time to stop talking about foosball tables. What your culture really consists of (and why it matters)

The Problem with “On-Call” Scheduling

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Precarious jobs and uncertain hours are frustrating an increasing number of workers. Employers may soon find themselves short-staffed

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Specific guidelines on what you’ll get for your money, and which types of reps are worth the extra spend

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