Human Resources

Why Employee Loyalty is Declining

Today's workers don't necessarily want career positions. Still, there are things smart employers can do to retain the best

Flip Flops and Other Summer Office Faux Pas

Flip Flop

And more news about work to discuss at work in this month's Watercooler

What Rewards Do Employees Actually Value?


Stop doling out company-branded golf shirts and start giving your people the perks they really want

It’s Not Too Late To Prepare for CASL

Monitor screen showing spam in the mailbox

In the looming anti-spam era, you'll need to govern how your employees communicate with clients. Here's what you can do now

Why Gen Y Hates the 9-to-5


70% of millennial workers would rather telecommute than come to the office, according to a new survey

Why the “Wow!” Factor Works

PROFIT Business Cast

In a commoditized economy, it's essential to blow customers away. And you can only do that when your people are happy

How Welcoming is Your Workplace to LGBT Employees?

Gay Pride Rainbow Flag on Building, Miami Beach, USA

A new survey suggests Canadian businesses need to improve their diversity practices

Meet the Elite Among the 2014 PROFIT 500

Profit 500 Event. June 16, 2014.  Toronto, Ontario, Canada. (photo: Vito Amati)

Some of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies deserve special kudos. Here's why

How do You Manage the 24/7 Work World?


Tell us your strategies for keeping employees connected around the clock

13 Proven Ways to Attract Top Talent


Want to hire the best and brightest? Try these tested tactics from the 2014 PROFIT 500

The PROFIT 500 on Retaining Employees


A workplace filled with happy, engaged employees is the dream of most CEOs. When workers are content, they’re more likely to do great work, to become advocates for the organization ...

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