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How to Throw a Holiday Celebration That Every Employee Can Enjoy

Businesses are turning their Christmas parties into non-denominational holiday gatherings, but there's no reason to kill the festivities altogether

What You Shouldn’t Praise Employees for Doing


Used right, commendations can be a major motivator for your workers. But a new study suggests they may backfire in certain situations

How to Make Your Workplace Burnout-Free

Arianna Huffington with her new book Thrive at an Indigo event in Toronto in April 2014. Photo: George Pimentel/WireImage/Getty

Media entrepreneur Arianna Huffington's four tips to help you and your employees thrive

6 Successful Bosses Share Their Employee Engagement Strategies


The PROFIT 500 Video Series: In conversation with the entrepreneurs behind Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

The Problem With Hiring for “Culture Fit”

Illustration: iStock

Wanting someone who plays well with others isn’t bad in theory—but too many managers confuse harmony with conformity

Why I Surround Myself With “Yes” Men

Photo: iStock

A team filled with possibility-seeking people solves more problems. What you can learn about ideation from improv

What Canada’s Best Small Employers Do to Engage Their Employees


The firms on our list don't have the budgets of big businesses, but they don't skimp on perks

The Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada for 2016


The definitive list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

Why You Should Shift to a Six-Hour Workday

Photo: Peter Arkle

Experiments in Sweden are showing that giving staff equal pay for fewer hours of work might actually boost productivity

How to Craft Strong Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policies

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The seven essential elements of effective and sustainable protocols

Are Your Employees Afraid to Talk About Depression?

Stressed manager resize

A new survey suggests workers often hide their diagnoses for fear of negative reactions

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The definitive 2015 list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

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