Human Resources

You’re Not as Good at Employee Recognition as You Think

New study suggests managers and workers have very different perceptions of appreciation efforts

4 Simple Tips to Maximize Your Training Dollars

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An effective learning process requires planning and proper execution. How to do it right

What Bosses Get Wrong About Entitled Millennial Employees

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Kids these days just don't know how to do an honest day's work—or so we're told. Here's the truth

Why You Could Be Promoting the Wrong People

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Advancement should be based on merit, but bosses often overlook competent employees

The 6 Marketing Head Types and How They Achieve Success

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A new study ranks C-suite marketers from most to least effective

What to Do When a Key Employee Goes On Leave

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Vacations, maternity leave and illnesses can leave you short-staffed. The best way to keep going

Should You Have an Easter Sale?

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3 Key Charts: how consumers react to holiday sales, the construction skills gap and loyalty program results.

4 Tips for Getting the Best Out of Your Staff


Work-life balance isn't always realistic. How to help employees achieve work-life integration

The Workplace Change That Cuts Costs and Boost Productivity

Computers in empty office

Traditional office arrangements are passé

5 Ways to Make Reference Checks Worth Your While


Don't waste your time listening to empty praise. How to make the most of reference checks

5 Ways to Make New Hires Feel Part of the Team

Photo: Chris Sadowski/iStock

A fresh recruit needs the right environment and tools to bed in. Here’s what you can do to help

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