Human Resources

4 Ways to Attract Top Millennial Talent

Young people have certain expectations of their employers. Why (and how) you should meet them

6 Tips for Giving Great Feedback to Your Staff

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Don't wait for a yearly review to let employees know what they're doing wrong—and right

What Your Employees Aren’t Telling You

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A new study suggest most staff have at least one workplace grievance that they haven't voiced out loud. How to get them to talk

Should You Promote from Within or Hire from Outside?

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Finding the right person to fill a vacant management position is vital to the health of your business

Why You Should Encourage Employees to Take More Sick Days


Presenteeism may be more common and costly than absenteeism, but most bosses fail to recognize it

3 Tips for a Modern Talent Management Strategy

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Getting the most out of your staff takes planning. How to keep pace with today’s business environment

Why Your Business Needs More—Not Less—Middle Management

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Isabelle Graveline of Kilmarnock Enterprise says this much-maligned class is essential to growth

Why Exit Interviews Almost Never Provide Constructive Feedback


A departing manager is the last person who’s going to give it to you straight

How to Make Your Employees Happier and Yourself Less Stressed


Jennifer Moss has built her business on helping bosses engage their employees. Four ways to do that

How to Develop a Productive Profit-Sharing Plan

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Should you share the wealth? What you need to consider before implementing employee profit-sharing

Why You Can’t Afford to Skimp on HR Training

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The Ghomeshi trial shows that managers must act if an employee violates workplace policies or is believed to have broken the law

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