Human Resources

What Employers Must Do to Accommodate Staff

The ever-changing scope of workplace accommodation makes it a thorny issue for businesses to navigate. These five best practices help mitigate the threat of penalties or legal challenges

Should You Praise Top Workers or Group Efforts?

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The prevailing workplace winds favour recognizing individual employees over teams. A recent study shows whether that's a good idea

Where Workplaces Are Still Failing LGBTQ Staff

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Despite employers putting anti-discrimination policies in place, many corporate cultures haven't adapted. How companies can promote inclusiveness

What’s Stopping Employers From Addressing Mental Health?

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According to a recent report, 57% of Canadian workplaces have no mental health strategy in place

The Right Way to Communicate Unpopular Decisions to Your Staff


Sometimes you have to do things your people aren’t going to like. How to break the bad news

Why You Should Stop Employees From Working on Vacation

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Too many staff spend their time off checking in. How employers can discourage such "workcations"

What You Can Learn About Job Candidates On Snapchat

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E-commerce enabler Shopify is asking for posts from the popular social media app in addition to CVs

Why Some Employers Are Increasing Pay to Meet the Living Wage

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Looking to spark a national movement, some companies and organizations are giving their staff raises

Why You Need an Office Seating Chart

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Strategically seating your employees could boost team productivity, according to new research

What Employers Should Be Doing to Prepare for the CPP Expansion

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Companies with existing retirement plans should start reviewing them, says one expert

How to Get the Most From Candidate Interviews


Throw out your boilerplate list of questions. Four tips for more insightful and effective interactions with prospective employees

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