Human Resources

Are You Paying Employees What They Deserve?

Programs that link compensation to performance aren't particularly effective at sorting the stars from the slackers, a new study suggests

What Employers Are Still Getting Wrong About Maternity Leave

Woman holding child and talking on phone in office

Women who take time off to have kids continue to face all kinds of subtle—and not-so-subtle—discrimination in the workplace

Why You Should Foster Workplace Friendships

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Closer social ties at work improve your employees' overall wellbeing, and helps you get more done, too. What you can do to encourage them

Why You Should Give Staff Any Job They Want

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Mandy Farmer set out to build a distinctive culture at her boutique hotel chain. Step one: letting employees pick their own titles

How to Engage Your Millennial Employees

Photo: Geber86/iStock

To keep Generation Y workers happy and in their jobs, you'll need to understand them. Our experts share their top tips and strategies

The Wrong Way to Choose a Senior Executive

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New research finds that headhunters discount past performance in choosing CEOs because it’s often the result of chance

The 5 Common Mistakes Companies Make About Performance Management

Photo: Noel Hendrickson/Getty

What small businesses often get wrong when it comes to measuring employee outcomes

What Your Company’s Health Plan Could Cost This Year

Online health benefits claim form with stethoscope

A new report suggests Canadian employer-sponsored medical program expenses will increase 8%

Why This Restaurateur is Eliminating Tipping

Amanda Cohen of Dirt Candy. Photo: Mackenzie Stroh

A Canadian chef is paying her staff fairer wages by introducing an industry-changing pricing model at her New York eatery

Where Startups Have the Hiring Upper Hand

(From left) Grow CEO Kevin Sandhu, chief credit officer Darryl Knopp and client care manager Jessica Kong talk while sitting for a photograph at the consumer lending company's offices in Vancouver. Photo: Darryl Dyck/CP

With their culture and agility, fintech upstarts are increasingly beating the banks to top talent. Why they're winning the recruitment battle

The New Way for Companies to Communicate


Slack built a billion-dollar business by replacing email. Now, there are specialized tools for everyone from baristas to contractors

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You can’t help anyone else if you’re running on empty. What leaders must do to refuel

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