Human Resources

Why More Companies Are Allowing Employees to Work From Home

Telecommuting is on the rise as companies look to save money and respond to workers' wants

Why It’s So Important to Hire People Who Fit


Half of Canadians are unhappy at work, a new survey finds—and even more feel unsuited to their jobs. That's costing their employers serious money

How Not to Fire Someone


Yelp axed staffer Talia Jane for slamming her working conditions in an open letter to CEO Jeremy Stoppelman. Here are better, controversy-free ways to deal with disgruntled employees

The Right Way to Present a Job Offer

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Once you’ve got the perfect candidate in your sights, it’s time to close the deal. Nine tips for getting to “yes”

Where Canada Ranks for Employee Engagement

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Just 13% of workers worldwide consider themselves highly engaged or satisfied in their jobs according to a new study. But it's not all bad news

The Business Case for Giving Caregiver Employees More Flexibility


British firms have seen the benefits of supporting staff who look after loved ones. Why you should too

How Not to Break Bad News

Bad Sale

In one letter to staff, the CEO of Sanjel announced the company’s bankruptcy, the sale of two divisions and his own resignation. An annotated guide to his communication errors

4 Tips for Managing Across Multiple Locations

Illustration: iStock

Suki’s has six salons in and around the Greater Vancouver area. How president Ken Tagaki ensures his company delivers the same high quality and service at every one

How to Identify Bad Apples (and What to Do With Them)

Bad Employee

Management shouldn’t be based on performance and productivity metrics alone. Why culture fit is the key to building a strong team

How to Convince Ex-Employees to Come Back

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Two-thirds of workers are open to the idea of returning to a former workplace. What you must do if you want to re-hire them

How to Get More from Your Boomer Employees

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Their time hasn't passed. Five tips to help you manage your more experienced workers better and make the most of their time

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Delivering the kind of experiences clients crave takes one-on-one attention, not technology quick fixes. Why you need to find your company’s “moment of truth”

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