Human Resources

What to Do When a Key Employee Goes On Leave

Vacations, maternity leave and illnesses can leave you short-staffed. The best way to keep going

5 Ways to Make Reference Checks Worth Your While


Don't waste your time listening to empty praise. How to make the most of reference checks

5 Ways to Make New Hires Feel Part of the Team

Photo: Chris Sadowski/iStock

A fresh recruit needs the right environment and tools to bed in. Here’s what you can do to help

The Real Reason You Can’t Find Good Managers

Illustration: Mstay/iStock

3 Key Charts: where managers come from, millennial do-gooding and the geography of mergers and acquisitions

Will a Buyer Actually Want Your Employees?


7 ways to improve the quality of your staff and make your business more attractive to acquirers

Piercing the Corporate Dress Code

Photo: Ryan J. Lane/iStock

Why employers shouldn't let employee tattoos and body rings get under their skin

How the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan Could Affect Your Business

Photo: Gunnar3000/iStock

The consequences the new provincial scheme could have on your business

The Best Way to Stop Your Staff from Quitting

Photo: Riccardo Mojana/iStock

Making this simple change will help you hire better and keep your employees for longer

The 7 Most Popular Ways to Regain Concentration

man using his hands to focus

3 Key Charts: common tricks to reset your focus, the west has a labour problem, and where the super-rich live

Is Your Wellness Program Going to Waste?

Photo: Halfbottle/iStock

These three factors determine whether or not your employees use the services you put in place

How to Confront Workplace Bullying

Photo: Mediaphoto/iStock

Nearly half of Canadians say they've been bullied at work. How to tackle the problem.

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