Human Resources

The Right Way to Present a Job Offer

Once you’ve got the perfect candidate in your sights, it’s time to close the deal. Nine tips for getting to “yes”

4 Tips for Managing Across Multiple Locations

Illustration: iStock

Suki’s has six salons in and around the Greater Vancouver area. How president Ken Tagaki ensures his company delivers the same high quality and service at every one

How to Identify Bad Apples (and What to Do With Them)

Bad Employee

Management shouldn’t be based on performance and productivity metrics alone. Why culture fit is the key to building a strong team

How to Convince Ex-Employees to Come Back

Photo: Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

Two-thirds of workers are open to the idea of returning to a former workplace. What you must do if you want to re-hire them

How to Get More from Your Boomer Employees

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Their time hasn't passed. Five tips to help you manage your more experienced workers better and make the most of their time

Where a Degree Is No Longer a Requirement

Shopify's Harry Brundage and Anna Lambert at Shopify's Ottawa offices in March 2016. Photo: Justin Tang/CP

The current talent shortage means many tech companies don't expect candidates to have a post-secondary education

Do Employers Have to Accommodate Vegans?

A plaque identifying the Ontario Human Rights Commission is seen at the entrance to its headquarters in February 2015. Photo: Colin Perkel/CP

The definition of ‘creed’ under Ontario's Human Rights Code has been updated. Here’s what it means for your business

Why You Should Help Young Workers With Their Student Debt

Illustration: Alexandr Duboviskly/iStock

This surprisingly cost-effective perk wows recent-graduates and reduces their stress in the bargain

Where Today’s University Graduates Fall Short

A tutor helps a student at Lighthouse Labs, which offers bootcamps on coding, in Toronto in March 2016. Photo: Chris Young/CP

Canada's technology 'gold rush' has created massive demand for web developers and coders. But they're not learning those skills in school

Why Job Descriptions Still Matter (and How to Use Them Right)


Forget formulaic lists of skills and duties. Three tips for crafting and enforcing the most useful document in management

How to Turn Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Illustration: Kaisorn/iStock

What your workers say and post about your company can be just as impactful as your paid marketing efforts. Four tips for making the most of their influence

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Team-building tips for your company and the NHL’s worst team, from one of the NFL’s best

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