With millennial employees now ascendant in workplaces across the land, managers are grappling with how to hire, retain and engage them. In our new continuing series, Anna Fitzpatrick answers our burning questions about how to approach this exotic species of office fauna.

Managing turnover is hard enough without millennials job-hopping all the time. Why won’t you stay put?

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Photo: Roberto Caruso

Have you ever tried to cobble together a stir-fry with whatever’s in your fridge?

Building a career from scratch in an unstable economy is a bit like that. For we millennials—who stay at jobs for an average of just three years—holding multiple gigs while constantly seeking others is both appealing and necessary.

For a business, high turnover gets expensive, quick, so if you have great young hires you want to keep, try to understand their situation. Allowing room for growth in your company will help, yes, but you should also accommodate their needs to pick up extra work.

Take Daniel Reis, who holds down video-editing jobs at PBS and Criterion, for example. “Both give me a tremendous amount of trust and freedom,” he says. Since he gets no grief about his duelling gigs, his bosses get a happy (read: stable) employee.

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