Here’s more research to back up the increasingly popular notion that a diverse workforce is good for business. Kristyn Scott of Ryerson University, Joanna Heathcote of the University of Toronto and Jamie Gruman of the University of Guelph evaluated 100 studies on the impact of diversity on factors such as recruitment, creativity, flexibility and employee turnover. The researchers found that companies that embrace diversity (e.g., a range of ages or ethnicities) have a happier and more loyal workforce, which in turn leads to better financial performance. In order to achieve these advantages, however, a company’s commitment to diversity must be seen by employees to be more than superficial. The study cited Campbell Soup Co. as an example of a business that has “woven diversity into its corporate culture,” and pointed specifically to Campbell’s efforts to provide training for managers on inclusive leadership, diversity awareness and being aware of unconscious biases. The survey results and conclusions are published in “The Diverse Organization: Finding Gold at the End of the Rainbow.”

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