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Today’s 20-somethings have the tech skills and social media savvy businesses crave. So, what are the best ways to attract young workers to your organization?

Frances Randle

Managing Director



By taking a multi-tiered approach, you can reach both active and passive candidates. a company can use LinkedIn to present a professional image, with detailed profiles of key leaders and personnel and up-to-date job postings. the firm also can have a Facebook page with features about various staff events and corporate social responsibility initiatives. high-profile employees could be blogging about specific issues in their areas of expertise or tweeting about conferences or articles of interest.

Anita Nickerson


HR One Consulting


It’s important for companies to have a social-media plan in place that demonstrates their competitive advantages. start with small steps by creating a LinkedIn account, then get active on Twitter, YouTube and Facebook. this will help your company reach gen-y and millennial candidates. review your company’s website to ensure it’s current, remove any outdated content and add social-media links. once you have a social-media presence, the key is to be consistent and genuine with your messages.

Maureen Lucas



Windsor, Ont.

The new generation entering the workforce has grown up in a digital world and is accustomed to having instant access to information and building virtual relationships through their social networks. that’s why it’s vital for a company to manage its online reputation on social-media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. comments posted by individuals who have had an experience with a company will have a greater influence than what the company says about itself.

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