41. Intelex Technologies Inc.


Software for environment, health, safety and quality (EHSQ) programs

Full-time equivalent (FTE) employees: 195

Senior exec: Mark Jaine

Every Intelex employee plays a role in setting the firm’s objectives by offering their feedback during an annual full-day meeting. Furthermore, before that meeting, all staff participate in brainstorming meetings with the president and CEO on a department-by-department basis to communicate what they individually think should be corporate priorities in the coming year. After all suggestions have been identified, employees will vote on what they think should be the core priorities for their department and Intelex as a whole.

42. BlueShore Financial (North Shore Credit Union)

North Vancouver, B.C.

Financial services

FTE employees: 279

Senior exec: Chris Catliff

BlueShore has long been committed to welcoming new employees—but the firm hasn’t always been as effective as it would have liked. After surveys offered to new recruits at the 90-day mark revealed dissatisfaction with the onboarding program, management took the feedback to heart and revamped the program last year. The welcome program now  includes two-day intensive hands-on training with the firm’s corporate trainer coupled with follow-up coaching and training two weeks later. Now, 89% of new hires consider their onboarding experience to be “very good” or “excellent.”

43. Allteck Line Contractors Inc.

Langley, B.C.

Specialized electrical contracting services

FTE employees: 337

Senior exec: Keith Sones

Email is no longer the preferred means of communication at Allteck, since the firm discovered email overload was increasing employee stress, causing confusion about the firm’s vision and. paradoxically, decreasing communication among staff.

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44. Edmonton Southside Primary Care Network


Healthcare professional services for family medicine

FTE employees: 65

Senior exec: Doug Craig

Power to the people: “Employees are trusted to make appropriate clinical and/or professional decisions within their respective scopes of practice. They have the freedom and independence to do what they know to be in their patients’ best interest,” says management. “They are trusted to know when to seek out other providers’ knowledge and skills when they reach the limits of their individual scope of practice.”

45. Nurse Next Door Home Care Services


Home-care franchises

FTE employees: 50

Senior exec: John DeHart

There are no individual offices at Nurse Next Door. Even the CEO and senior leaders sit in open spaces where all employees have direct access to them. According to the firm, this, this creates a culture where teamwork is not just a buzzword.

46. The Municipal Infrastructure Group Ltd.

Vaughan, Ont.

Diverse infrastructure services

FTE employees: 61

Senior execs: David Scott, Mark Tarras and David Ashfield

A formal and comprehensive employee development plan gives every TMIG staff member access to a mentorship program and a performance review plan, as well as to the required training and development they need to foster individual growth.

47. Phonak Canada

Mississauga, Ont.

Hearing instruments and clinics

FTE employees: 207

Senior exec: Steve Mahon

Phonak Canada takes the pulse of what its employees want through quarterly town hall gatherings and biweekly leadership meeting.

48. Etelesolv.com Inc.

Lachine, Que.

Telecom- and IT-management software

Senior exec: Christopher Thierry

At monthly all-hands meetings, “We reveal the status of specific achievements and status of key performance indicators transparently,” explains Etelesolv. “With this openness, everyone takes pride in the success of the organization and rolls up their sleeves when we need to achieve the next level.”

We reveal the status of specific achievements and status of key performance indicators transparently. With this openness, everyone takes pride in the success of the organization and rolls up their sleeves when we need to achieve the next level.

49. Reid’s Heritage Group

Cambridge, Ont.

Residential and commercial construction

FTE employees: 240

Senior exec: Tim Blevins

The perks that have most driven engagement at Reid’s include such work/life balance-boosters as flex hours, paid volunteer days and employee wellness seminars.

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50. Midwest Surveys Inc. (Midwest Surveys Land Surveying Ltd.)


Land surveying, mapping and custom-built geographic information systems

FTE employees: 307

Senior exec: Kevin Swabey

Every Midwest employee—from field technician to manager—has the opportunity to earn shareholder status by demonstrating commitment to the success of the organization. Currently, one-third of all employees are shareholders.

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