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Mennonite Savings and Credit Union

Kitchener, Ont.
Industry: Financial Services
Employees in Canada: 173

Smart strategy: MSCU demystifies the sometimes-confusing world of employee benefits by giving each staff member a customized total rewards statement designed with fun graphics in an easy-to-read format.

National Leasing

Industry: Financial Services
Employees in Canada: 327

Perks that work: National Leasing has a wellness-focused head office, complete with a gym, nap room and free fruit—all initiatives launched at the suggestion of employees.


Industry: Software

Cool tool: Any company can provide cake, but at Nulogy, it’s not just for birthdays: Employees get a party in their honour each year on the anniversary of their joining the software development firm. These public celebration are a nice way to underscore individual achievements, but the emphasis at Nulogy is on collective responsibility and team cohesion.  Monthly sessions, dubbed “mind-melds,” bring everyone together to discuss what they’re working on and how it might affect others in the organization, an effort to prevent teams from getting siloed into their own projects. The meetings energize employees and make them understand the value of their work to the organization as a whole.

Nurse Next Door

Industry: Health Care Services
Employees in Canada: 177

Smart strategy: Nurse Next Door lets employees at all levels nominate one another for good work done and recognizes three winners publicly at a meeting each day.

Optimus SBR Inc.

Industry: Consumer Services
Employees in Canada: 66

Smart strategy: Optimus SBR challenges employees to venture into areas of the business they’ve never worked in before, backed by peer and management support in the transition.

Powerline Plus Ltd.

Industry: Multi-Utilities
Employees in Canada: 257


Industry: Software
Employees in Canada: 78

Cool tool: Protegra uses innovation games and other methods to actively encourage employees to share their ideas about the future of the company.

Quadra Chemicals Ltd.

Vaudreuil-Dorion, Que.
Industry: Chemicals
Employees in Canada: 237

RL Solutions

Industry: Software
Employees in Canada: 132

Engagement philosophy: “Within our team, the character of each individual that is hired is paramount,” says CEO Sanjay Malaviya. “Integrity, honesty, sincerity and genuine caring are valued well ahead of experience and intelligence. That’s not to say that we don¹t hire smart, knowledgeable people—we just demand excellence in character first. Poor character is a deal-breaker. Just one bad hire, one person with poor judgment, one person wanting to gossip, can create much damage within the RL culture.”


Guelph, Ont.
Industry: Professional Services (Public Accounting)
Employees in Canada: 105

Ryan ULC

Mississauga, Ont.
Industry: Financial Services
Employees in Canada: 140

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