Why Salesforce Loves Buying Canadian Startups

"There's a crazy amount of innovation happening right now in Canada," says COO

Inside the App That Could Revolutionize Retail

Slyce Display

"Visual product search" is changing the way people shop, and a Toronto firm's technology is leading the way

One Way to Enlighten Your Staff

Watercooler Display

The power move that will subconsciously wow employees, and more news about work in this month's Watercooler

Why Apple’s Disruptions are Good for Business

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty)

Yes, competitors may have been burned by the iWatch launch. But that's the price of innovation

Is Your Business Ready for the “iWallet”?

Apple CEO Tim Cook unveils the sixth-generation iPhone. (Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty)

Apple's new iPhones double as digital wallets. Retailers, get ready to change your payment options

Why It’s Better to Lead With a Partner


Forget the romanticism of the solo entrepreneur: a new book suggests leaders are far more innovative when they pair up

Inside a Waterloo Firm’s Bold New Invention


The brand-new Myo armband allows users to control devices with Jedi-esque hand movements. Here's how it came to be

Quebec to Get a New Domain Name

Canada, Quebec, province flag of Quebec

Will the new brand new .quebec domain create opportunities for businesses, or hold them back?

Meet the Most Powerful Entrepreneur in Media


How Shane Smith built a multi-billion dollar empire in Vice (and came to mentor Rupert Murdoch)

How to Out-Hire Everyone in 2014

resume crumpled in cyan background with reflection and shadow

Resumés are so passé. Here are 4 better ways to find your next star employee

What Today’s Successful Startups Know

Boris Wertz

Veteran Vancouver entrepreneur and venture capitalist Boris Wertz reveals what sets the winners apart from the also-rans

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The process of articulating the reason your business exists really can provide remarkable clarity of purpose

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