Meet the Startup That Builds Other Startups

Vancouver's Axiom Zen turns product ideas into fully-fledged firms, and fast. How Roham Gharegozlou and his team are reinventing the company

How to Come Up With Bold New Takes on Everyday Products

Photo: EQ3

Winnipeg-based furniture maker EQ3 taps up-and-coming talent to create compelling new ideas

What Makes Contracts Easier to Understand

Beagle founder Cian O’Sullivan. Photo: Robert Caruso

Beagle uses artificial intelligence to clarify legal documents. How founder Cian O'Sullivan came up with the idea and how it could help you

How to Get More from Your SR&ED Claim


You're leaving money on the table if you don't take full advantage of the federal government's massive tax credit program

What’s Next for Canadian Innovation?

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau takes part in a virtual reality demonstration at the new Google Canada Development headquarters in Kitchener, Ont., in January 2016. Photo: Nathan Denette/CP

Stakeholders, startups and policymakers must work together to build on a banner year for the country’s tech sector. Watch for these trends and developments in 2016

What Most CEOs Get Wrong About Innovation


Too many bosses unintentionally discourage the best ideas from coming forward. Thankfully, there's a better way

Why Machines Aren’t Management Material Yet

Photo: Andrew Bret Wallis/Getty

Artificial intelligence is making huge strides, but it can’t replace the real work of managing people

Where Bricks-and-Mortar Stores Fit Into the Future of Retail


Physical locations will soon need to be about storytelling, not selling

How to Clean Up in a Critical Market


Toronto startup CleanSlate UV came up with a bright idea for fighting hospital infections. Here's what inspired the device, and how it works

Why Early Adopters Make the Best Leaders

future vision

Don’t wait for underlings to show you the future—blaze your own exploratory trail. The case for tinkering with technology

Why the Agriculture Industry is Betting the Farm on Innovation

Photo: iStock

Cultivators are using technology to become more precise and efficient, boosting yields and profits

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