What Innovative Companies Plan to Do With Captured Carbon

Instead of just catching and burying it, businesses are looking to turn the byproduct into concrete, fish food, and toothpaste

What You Can Learn About Creativity from Emma Donoghue

Photo: Maarten de Boer/Getty

The "Room" author and recent Oscar nominee on originality, multitasking and ceding control

How to Bounce Back When Your Product Launch is a Disaster

Illustration: iStock

You only get one chance to make a first impression, but it's possible to recover from a failed debut

Lessons in Getting Back to Growth From Lululemon’s Laurent Potdevin


Having returned the once-troubled fitness apparel brand to health, the CEO is now focused on doubling revenues in the next five years

Lessons From the Dragons: The Moment of Truth


A pair of young entrepreneurs find out if their new twist on a dated product has real potential in Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 16

When an Iconic Brand Reinvents an Already-Popular Product


Tilley Endurables, maker of celebrated sunshades, swapped seasons to produce it's first-ever toque

Why Your Business Doesn’t Need Social Media

Illustration: Peter Arkle

Successfully maintaining a corporate presence on Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and more requires intense commitment. For many companies, it's just not worth the trouble

Why Methane Is the Hottest Thing in the Energy Industry Right Now

Berg Chilling Systems’ GTUIT methane mediation system. Photo courtesy Berg

The gas is exponentially more potent than carbon dioxide. It's also easier to contain. That means big business for firms that mitigate it

5 Tech Trends Worth Watching This Year

Photo: #WOCinTech Chat

From social media to renewable energy, Canada's leading technology execs told us about the most promising developments in their sector

How to Make Sure Your New Product is Ready for Launch

Illustration: iStock

Nothing ruins a big release like an overlooked flaw. Expert advice on avoiding a fiery failure

The Problem With Canadian Innovation, According to Jim Balsillie


The former BlackBerry co-CEO and current chair of the Canadian Council of Innovators says our policies are stuck in the 20th century

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CEO Gregg Saretsky shares his secrets of achieving legendary corporate culture and employee performance

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