The Bold New Frontier of Vending Machines

Smart brands have discovered that kiosks can be used to sell a lot more than cans of pop

3 Ways to Disrupt a Crowded Market

PROFIT Business Cast

Want to launch something unique in a market that seems saturated? Try following these tips from a successful serial entrepreneur

Welcome to the Hoverboard Age

(Photo: "Hover board" by LoveBoat - Own work. Licensed under CC BY 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons)

A Silicon Valley startup is working to turn the futuristic, once-fictional mode of transport into consumer reality

The Secret World of Domain Names

Domain names display

Online presence has never been more important, yet too few entrepreneurs understand what goes into getting a good domain name

Anatomy of a Winning Gimmick

Whiteboard Fall 2014 Display

How B.C.-based window-washing franchisor Men in Kilts turned a one-off suggestion into an indelible brand (complete with eye-catching tartan and "No Peeking!" t-shirts)

Meet the 50 Best Small and Medium Employers in Canada


The definitive 2015 list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

Why Modern Offices Need More Privacy


Open-concept collaborative workspaces are great and all, but sometimes we benefit from a bit of alone time

7 Simple Ways to Improve Product Development


Think your firm might be stuck in a rut? Here's how to make sure you're innovating in the best possible way

What it Takes to Beat Amazon

Harry Chemko (Photo: Jens Kristian Balle)

Elastic Path founder Harry Chemko on the importance of creating really excellent ecommerce experiences

An Innovator’s Best Weapon

(Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty)

It's tempting to lock down all elements of a new development, but truly disruptive companies leave themselves room to grow

Does The World Need Another Social Shopping Site?


Toronto's Bestie wants to crack a crowded market with its curated buying platform. What will it need to succeed?

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What you can learn about running a business of any size from Canada’s CEOs of the Year for 2014

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