Meet the Toronto Firm Working to Beat Cancer

Theralase's technology uses light-activated compounds to kill 100% of the cancer cells they're exposed to. Next: getting it to market

Innovation: A Plane that Needs No Runway


A Toronto firm’s “hybrid hybrid” aircraft is poised to solve a problem Canadians know well: How to get stuff into remote places

The Massive Audience That 60% of Small Firms Are Missing


Canadians are the most voracious internet users in the world, yet more than half of small businesses in Canada don’t have a website

Will This Save the Smartwatch?

Minuum aims to make typing on smartwatches intuitive

Toronto startup aims to make typing intuitive on burgeoning wearable-tech market. Can it convince the public to embrace the new?

Where Major Canadian Retailers Are Failing


And how smaller chains and independents can outpace them in the quest to go digital

The Surprising Benefit of 3-D Printing

Printing Plastic Wire with 3D Printer

The DIY technology democratizes manufacturing by giving everyone access to production. And that's good for innovation

Why Magic—Yes, Magic—Is A Brilliant Business Tool

PROFIT Business Cast

Professional magician Dan Trommater shares how sleight of hand can help you with the crucial task of challenging your assumptions

The Internet of Things: A $500-Billion Industry?


Cisco's investment in Toronto as a global hub for its efforts to network objects points to major opportunity

Welcome to the Age of the Drone

Illustration: Chris Gash

Unmanned aerial vehicles are poised to transform many industries—if we can get past our fear of the technology

Inside the New Car Wars


Apple and Google are battling it out to dominate in-vehicle technology. Where does it leave BlackBerry?

Buy Your Way to Innovation


Trying to spark innovation at your business? Check out that other company...

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By listening to its customers’ needs during a downturn, a beleaguered plastics company uncovered a promising new product—and a lucrative market

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