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No trend screamed “2015” more than meal-delivery apps. Delicious nosh, brought right to you with the press of a button? Pretty tantalizing. But it seems that the “Uber, but for food” concept (literally, in the case of UberEats) may be passing its sell-by date.

The sheer number of entrants has fragmented the market, and some big players (including Toronto’s Feast and, yes, UberEats) have ended or curtailed their operations in Canada in recent months. Factor in “app fatigue”—consumers’ quickly eroding patience for using discrete programs for individual tasks—and it’s a safe bet more will follow.

Sometimes, certainty is all we’re looking for in our supper, and what could be more certain than the eventual domination of Facebook in our lives? The social media giant recently announced plans to add a food-delivery option to its mobile app, promising the ability to order dinner for the family while creeping on your high school nemesis’s bad new haircut.

Yes, it’s all a bit Big Brother, but a single stop for social, news and mealtime needs might be just the simple solution time-strapped urban gourmands have been waiting for.


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