International Trade

Before You Ship, Make a Supply Chain Strategy

It's vital to think about what you can offer in each market, how to make it happen and how to track it all

Are Your Employees at Risk of Getting Deported?


It's about the worst thing to happen to your business overseas, and yet, increasingly, executives are taking risks

The Truth About Low Oil Prices


Producers may not like it when the price-per-barrel drops, but it's good news for the rest of the economy

How to Protect Your Global Business from Hackers


When hackers trick your staff into revealing sensitive data by using social engineering, it can hugely threaten your export operations

A Surprising Way to Crack the U.S. Market


How one Canadian company found a lucrative telecom client in out-of-the-way Jackson, Mississippi

Why Clean Tech is About to Clean Up

Close-up of small plants in test tubes

In this week's Export Wire: Environmental science sees new global opportunities; New Zealand decries Canada's protectionism; and Ottawa signs business pacts with China

What Political Instability Means for Your Business


As regimes topple and and conflicts intensify around the world, it's never been more important for exporters to know the risks

Where to Find the Best Hotel Wi-Fi

hotel travel

New websites rank hotels by the quality of their Internet availability. This may be the solution frustrated business travellers have been waiting for

Is Your Brand Ready to Go Global?

going global

6 ways to tailor your product, services and image to meet the tastes of consumers around the world

How to Manage Risk in Southeast Asia


Despite volatile and variable prospects, the region holds a lot of opportunities for Canadian exporters

Turning Waste into an International Business


Rob Kuepfer saw the opportunity in redirecting a valuable resource that had been going to landfills, and today he has factories in Canada and the U.S.

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