International Trade

How to Sell to the World’s Largest Population

Exporting to China is rarely simple. Experts share advice on cracking the market

4 Keys to Winning Business in the Developing World

Photo: Leonutra/Getty

Acquiring overseas clients isn't a case of just picking up the phone. Here's how to export to emerging markets.

Why We’re Losing the Global Capital Battle

Photo: Jaap2/iStock

Canada's progress on tax competitiveness has stalled, leading foreign investors to look elsewhere for opportunities.

Why Aren’t You Using Canada’s New Free Trade Deals?

Photo: Sean Kilpatrick/CP

Federal International Trade Minister Ed Fast says businesses need to look beyond the U.S. and seek out newly-open foreign markets

Exclusive Event: Opportunity Outlook 2015

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PROFIT's first Executive Breakfast of 2015 reveals your best bets for business expansion

Patience Is a Profitable Virtue

Audience see a movie through 3D glasses at a newly opened IMAX theatre on February 8, 2007 in Wuhan of Hubei Province, China.

Imax studied the Chinese market for over a decade before entering. Taking the long view has reaped rewards.

Modular Housing’s New Look

Bone Structure illustration

As demand for cheap, safe housing grows all over the world, these Canadian companies are building innovative modular homes.

Are You Missing Out on the Inland China Opportunity?

Container with chinese flag during loading

The coastal regions are saturated with foreign companies, but the interior provinces are largely untapped. Here's why you should be travelling down the New Silk Road.

How World Trade Centres Can Help You


They're not just about fancy buildings. The global WTC network can answer your questions about prospective markets

Three Questions to Ask Before Exporting


Toronto's Utilicor found that having a great product isn't enough to crack often complicated marketplaces. It takes special insights

A Year of Exporting Advice from PROFIT


From understanding Incoterms to fighting arbitrary measures by foreign governmenets, a look back at some of our best stories on SMEs and exporting from 2014

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