International Trade

Why Donald Trump’s Free Trade Opposition is Canada’s Opportunity

The U.S. protectionist turn will be painful in the short term, but it's a chance for Canada to create economic ties elsewhere in the world

4 Questions You Should Ask Before Going Global

man with paper in front of globe

Done right, international expansion can produce great returns. An entrepreneur's guide to making the decision

3 Key Entrepreneurial Lessons About Doing Business in China


There's tremendous opportunity in the Chinese market, but the business environment is different. An entrepreneur's guide to getting it right

Will Trump’s Tax Cuts Hurt Canada?

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The federal government is optimistic that the country can still attract talent and investment despite proposed tax breaks across the border

Why You Need to Get Ready For the Return of “Buy American”

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With Donald Trump in the White House, domestic procurement policies are back on the table

What President Trump Could Mean for Canadian Small Businesses

Photo: Matt York/AP Photo/CP

Economic uncertainty and worries about rising protectionism could hurt firms operating in the U.S.

How to Crack the U.S. Market


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips: CCT Global Sourcing's Yoram Weinreich and BDC's Carl Gravel share a winning strategy to accelerate sales Stateside

How to Capitalize on Today’s Brightest Business Opportunities


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips: BDC chief economist Pierre Cléroux shares where you should be looking to grow your company

How to Avoid Serious Tax Traps


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips: BDO's Harry Chana shares some essential tips to save you and your business big money

What CETA’s Collapse Could Mean for Canadian Small Businesses

Small flags of Canada and the European Union in a stand isolated on a white background.

The Canada-EU free trade deal is in trouble, and that's “bad for general business,” exporters say

10 Tips for Cracking the Chinese Market

An audience on one of Dynamic Attractions’ rides, the Flying Theatre at Wanda Movie Park in Wuhan, China. (Empire Industries)

Empire Industries CEO Guy Nelson has been running a joint venture with a Chinese partner for five years. Here’s what he learned the hard way

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