International Trade

Are You Selling to the Rebounding U.S.?

In this week's Export Wire: Canadian exporters aren't capitalizing on U.S. growth; inside a new federal program to boost foreign sales; and where Uber doesn't work

The Surprising Headaches of Opening an Overseas Office

Business office recepcion in wihte and red colors

Not only can office and warehouse space hard to find abroad, you have to know what your responsibilities are

Get to Know the New Global Middle Class


A pair of new books shows the rising tide of growth in the south is lifting some, but leaving many others treading water

How to Get Paid for Following the Rules

A BioteQ treatment facility in the U.S.

Most companies steer clear of jurisdictions with stringent regulations. Not Vancouver's BioteQ—and it's reaping the rewards

The U.S. States that Suck for Business


In this week's Export Wire: Why some states aren't worth your time; tiny Brunei's power in Trans-Pacific free trade; and an export policy lesson from the U.K.

Making a Recession Work for You


How a teacher-recruitment firm leveraged the financial crisis to double its business

Lucrative Ways to Boost Food Exports


Although small Canadian firms dominate the food processing sector, they must innovate to take off in burgeoning export markets

Why it’s Time to Escape the “Tyranny of the Urgent”


It's hard to get the perspective you need to thrive in today's economy when you're constantly connected to your smartphone

5 Things You Must Know About Foreign Staff Benefits


Your responsibilities as an employer change when your people are working abroad. That's why it pays to educate yourself

The Targeted Way to Take on Big Competitors


In a booming industry dominated by global giants, Canada's Astound Group flourishes by narrowing its focus

One Way to Slash Your Global Expansion Costs


In this week's Export Wire: Inexpensive software can cut your exporting costs; autos surge thanks to the U.S.; and the TPP starts to take shape

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