International Trade

Do You Need an International PR Strategy?

Even small companies dealing overseas need to be prepared to defend their reputations, in foreign countries and here at home

The Case Against Working in Clusters


Widely touted as hothouses for innovation and growth, industrial clusters might not actually help smaller exporters

How a Cold Call Can Start a Business

Global Relay

One day, a Vancouver firm phoned U.S. regulators to inquire about new rules, and a multi-million-dollar business was born

The Trouble with Too Much Free Trade


In this week's Export Wire: The feds look at port congestion; why CETA means change for cheese producers; and why seminal interest rates are going nowhere

Who Will Win First with CETA

fishing boat

In this week's Export Wire: Good news for the fisheries; why exporters need more confidence; and how Uber and Airbnb are going corporate

A Speedy New Way Trademark Globally


New legislation lets you register your firm's trademarks once in Canada and have them instantly validated in 90 other nations

Inside Canada’s Export Resurgence


The most surprising thing about the recent boom in trade numbers is that the trend dates back almost five years

What Russian Sanctions Mean For Your Business


You must understand your responsibilities if you want to avoid serious penalties

The First Step to Growth: Fire Your Clients


When one firm realized its industry was commodifying, it dropped its Fortune 500 clients in favour of a single niche

Canada’s Exports Finally Turn the Corner

Ocean shipping

In this week's Export Wire: The nation's trade balance swells; Ottawa and Brussels final agree on CETA; Russia issues sanctions of its own

Should You Be Using PayPal?


Online payment systems can be extremely helpful for small exporters, but that convenience comes at a cost

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It’s not all sunshine and rainbows in the early days. Here are 4 hard-earned lessons from someone who’s been through it

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