International Trade

The Smart Way to Build an International Empire

Scaling up with its clients is more effective than cold calling abroad, as Vancouver's Vision Critical has learned

Yes, the U.S. Economy Really Has Recovered


American consumers have a renewed zest for spending, meaning the time is right for Canadian exporters to take advantage

The Hottest (and Most Overlooked) European Market for Canadian Exporters


Poland's economy is in great shape and its consumers are in the mood to spend

The Fastest Way to Build Your Business


Splice Software's voice-experience system has grown rapidly around the world, thanks to easy scalability and attention to cultural norms

How to Connect with EU Partners

A container ship arriving in port on a very calm day.

In this week's Export Wire: A new service pairs SMEs with Euro firms; questions remain about the FIPA with China; and Canadian exports continue to rise

What Canada’s New Trade Treaty with China Means to You

shaking hands in front of global backdrop

Ottawa’s FIPA with Beijing might keep you from getting burned in the Asian powerhouse

The Bright Future of the Global Service Economy


Thanks to technology, services may surpass goods in Canada's trade mix. (Haircuts done by a barber an ocean away? Why not?)

Master the Business Etiquette of the Pacific Rim


Here are the dos and don’ts when negotiating in Asia-Pacific countries

The Key to Quick Global Expansion


Vancouver's Appnovation has grown quickly by staying close to its clients' locations and mining their huge need for open-source programmers

Why India Is the Next Big Growth Market


In this week's Export Wire: A new push by Ottawa on the subcontinent; agri-food exporters still struggle; and is Canada suffering from Dutch Disease?

How to Smooth Out the Loonie’s Flight

foreign exchange

The dollar's going down, but it can jerk up just when you're getting paid. Using forward contracts will reduce your stress—and losses

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The process of articulating the reason your business exists really can provide remarkable clarity of purpose

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