The art and science of trade show tweets: With Twitter said to significantly outperform Facebook and LinkedIn in lead generation for B2B firms, there’s clearly a good reason to master the sort of tweeting that pulls in business at large international trade conventions, which is where a crucial marketing venue for many export-minded SMEs. The Business2Community blog last week offered five useful tips, including one meant to support networking efforts:

Make sure one of these two situations fit the bill to avoid sending a spammy vibe: 1) You know this person and the topic is appropriate for their commentary, or 2) You know this person has a vital interest in your industry and would be interested in your tweet.

A big setback for Canada-European trade: Germany is reported to be preparing to reject the terms of the much-anticipated, and long-delayed, Canada-European Union free trade agreement known as CETA, citing objections about the potential for provisions in the pact to trump local laws, according to Reuters:

The deal with Canada could increase bilateral trade by a fifth to €26 billion a year and the more ambitious one with the United States, if agreed, could encompass a third of world trade and almost half the global economy. Both accords seek to go far beyond tariff cuts and to reduce transatlantic barriers to business, but the talks are extremely complicated.

Geopolitical instability hitting business travel: With the cancellation of flights to Israel, the armed escort of a Canadian jet carrying a threatening passenger, and several other recent air travel incidents, business travellers are finding themselves affected by mounting uncertainty. But the downing of the Malaysia Airlines jet over the Ukraine has caused major disruptions in business travel, as well as headaches for travel managers, The New York Times reported last week:

The incident “has considerable implications for companies and business-travel managers responsible for duty of care,” said Greeley Koch, the executive director of the [U.S.-based] Association of Corporate Travel Executives. “Will it now be necessary for travel departments to make sure that preferred carriers do not overfly war zones, areas of civil conflict or regions of crisis?”

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