International Trade

Why Donald Trump’s Free Trade Opposition is Canada’s Opportunity

The U.S. protectionist turn will be painful in the short term, but it's a chance for Canada to create economic ties elsewhere in the world

Why Are Canadians Losing Faith in Free Trade?

A container ship arriving in port on a very calm day.

The Canadian public, and even many business leaders, are turning their backs on free global trade deals—just when we need them more than ever

What’s Stopping Canadian Companies from Going Global?

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90% of mid-sized firms that expanded outside North America found success. Why more aren't trying it

How to Reach Clients’ Ears in the U.S. Market

Stephanie Ciccarelli of Photo:

W100 winner Stephanie Ciccarelli does a lot of her business south of the border. Why she's succeeding in the land of opportunity

Why Things Look Good for Wood

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Growing demand for lumber from our southern neighbours will boost Canadian forestry firms suffering from China's slowdown

Proof That International Diversification Pays Off

Blue Spark Energy CEO Todd Parker at the company's head office in Calgary in March 2016. Photo: Jeff McIntosh/CP

Opportunities abroad are proving to be a rare bright spot for firms servicing the oilpatch amidst a major slump at home

Why Trading Across the Border Could Get Easier

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Hackathons in Toronto and Chicago will try to tackle customs complications snagging up the import-export process between Canada and the U.S.

What Michael Denham Has Planned for the BDC (and for You)


The crown corp's new CEO on what Canada's entrepreneurs need to thrive in the global economy today, and how he can help

How to Make the Most of the U.S. Recovery


After years of merely surviving, several manufacturing sectors show signs of life. Tooling up to meet the demand will be key

5 Global Trade Trends to Take Advantage Of

Photo: Leonutra/Getty

From free trade deals opening new doors to growing demand for high-value services, there's plenty of opportunity overseas in 2016

Why Small Businesses Should Play a Bigger Role in Global Trade Deals

Photo: Warchi/iStock

Governments around the world are desperate to jump-start global trade again. Jack Ma’s “WTO 2.0” idea might be the way to do it

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