Get the Emotional Edge

Despite the stereotypes, emotional intelligence doesn't come naturally to all female leaders. The good news is that it can be learned

The Case For Office Gossip

(Illustration: Peter Arkle)

Did you hear what your team's been saying behind your back? No? It's time you got in on the office scuttlebutt

Too Many Family Businesses Have No Succession Plan


New research shows only half of family firms have formal plans for who will take over

What Your Golf Game Says About You as a Leader

Portrait of a happy African American golfer playing golf

Your actions on the green reveal your emotional intelligence—and the colleagues you're playing with notice

Revealed! Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneurs for 2014

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Discover the complete PROFIT/Chatelaine W100 ranking, from No. 1 to No. 100

11 Essential Business Lessons for Entrepreneurs

Lessons Learned

The 2014 W100 share some of the hardest—and most valuable—lessons they've learned running a successful business

The Issue with Image


W100 winner Ann Kaplan thinks women in business shouldn't always be bound to black blazers and slicked-back buns

What it Really Means to Be a Female Entrepreneur Today

Woman in business

Is being a woman an asset or a liability in today's business world? The W100 have a few opinions on the matter

The Case for Having a Partner

Tracey Bochner

Building a company is so much better when you share the responsibility—and the glory—with someone else

How to Lead Like a Woman


Step aside, Sheryl Sandberg: here are 14 hard-earned leadership tips from Canada's Top Female Entrepreneurs

Why It’s Time for Women-Owned Businesses to Grow Up

2014 W100 winner Chandra Clarke

Most female-run firms aren't growing, and that’s bad for both the economy and for entrepreneurs

Readers Choice

Canada’s Top Female Entrepreneur proves that you no longer need the hard sell to win big business

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