How to Neutralize Your Meeting Hijackers

Don't let one or two loudmouths monopolize the conversation. You'll need some note cards, Sharpies and plenty of tape

How to Stop Doing Employees’ Work For Them

Photo: iStock

There's no point assigning a task to someone else if you're just going to take it back and do it yourself later. Avoid reverse-delegation

Who’s Missing from Your C-Suite?


Companies love creating new "Chief [Something] Officer" titles. Here are some of the more imaginative ones, and what their holders do

The Simple Power of Writing Down Your Goals

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Why the best tools to help you achieve your objectives might be a pen and paper

What Your Employees Aren’t Telling You

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A new study suggest most staff have at least one workplace grievance that they haven't voiced out loud. How to get them to talk

The Best Countries for Female Entrepreneurs

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A new study ranked business environments around the world based on their friendliness to women starting businesses. How Canada fared

7 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Public Speaking

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How to own the room and deliver a compelling speech or presentation, every time

Why Your Corporate Culture Needs an Overhaul

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The link between culture and business success is strong, but few firms put much thought into theirs. What you can do to improve yours

How Canadian Business Leaders are Failing Working Women

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Few executives are signing up for initiatives aimed at promoting and mentoring women

4 Tips for a Fruitful Mentorship Relationship


Guidance and support are available to those who ask. How to pick an advisor who makes your business better

Why You Should Treat Your Business Partnership Like a Marriage

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Staying out of the divorce courts sometimes means getting a third-party perspective on disputes

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