Your Employee is Hooked on Drugs. Now What?

One in 10 workers have a substance abuse problem—and that's dangeroys for everyone. Here's how to manage the risk

What Makes a Great Mentor?


Not all coaches are created equal. Here are the 5 traits that make for a terrific business coach

One Proven Way to Increase Your Company’s Sale Price


Thinking of selling your business? Prepare and refine your corporate profile to make the process much faster, easier and more lucrative

The Importance of Genuine Connections

PROFIT Business Cast

Building your Rolodex is fine, but it won’t help you achieve greatness. That’s why it’s so important to foster real relationships, says the guest of this week’s BusinessCast

The Real Reason You’re So Busy

(Photo: Erik Putz; Shutterstock; iStock)

Technology is supposed to make our lives easier. So, why are we feeling more overwhelmed than ever? A new book probes this question—and offers some solutions

Stop Being a Jerk Boss


What you say as a leader—and how you say it—can have a huge effect on your staff’s morale and productivity. Start using these 14 phrases and watch performance soar

The Hidden Danger of Funding

Falling Money (Canadian Dollars)

When you secure financing, the culture of your company can change in a hurry. That’s a problem when your firm’s DNA is what attracted investors in the first place

The Smart Leader’s Guide to Networking


Here’s how to make the connections you need—even when you’d rather be at home on the couch

The Art of Selling Big Change

PROFIT Business Cast

When you’re ushering in a big transition, it can be hard to get employees and other stakeholders on board. Here’s one CEO’s approach

Could Your Business Run Without Managers?


A zero-hierarchy organizational model called "holacracy" is gaining popularity. Would the no-boss model work for you?

Do Entrepreneurs Have to be Outgoing?


If you’re like entrepreneurial icon Richard Branson (and half the population), you are naturally introverted. What can you do to thrive in a business world designed for extroverts?

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By listening to its customers’ needs during a downturn, a beleaguered plastics company uncovered a promising new product—and a lucrative market

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