Lessons in Turning Around a Business from Blackberry’s John Chen

“People don’t necessarily love what I say, but they know it’s the truth”

Is Your Organizational Model Stuck in the Dark Ages?


Traditional corporate structures rarely get the best out of employees. Serial entrepreneur Suzanne West shares her highly successful business model.

How Your Secret Santa Gift Stacks Up

Watercooler Dec Secret Santa Display

Is what you bought better than what you got? Plus: more news about work in the latest Watercooler

Hard-Earned Advice on Securing a Successful Exit

Marnie Walker and Kathryn From (Photo: Arthur Mola)

Two veteran entrepreneurs share lessons they've learned about how to profitably—and sanely—sell a company

7 Questions with Jeff Donnelly

Jeff Donnelly

The Vancouver hospitality magnate talks expansion, delegation and how he came to embrace the life of an entrepreneur

The 3 Most Powerful Words You Can Say

the case for indecision

Leaders used to fear saying "I don't know." But in today's business world, uncertainty can be an asset

Is the Office Christmas Party Worth It?


Millennial staffers will yawn at a stuffy three-course dinner. If you want a party to remember, you have to get creative. (Axe-throwing, anyone?)

Why You Should Tailor Your Business to Your Lifestyle

PROFIT Business Cast

You shouldn't lose sight of why you started the company in the first place, says one serial entrepreneur

Where to Find Great Advisors


Our panel of experts weighs in on how you can find people who will give you the honest feedback and guidance you need

An Inside Look at a Remarkable Entrepreneurial Career

Doug Blakeway (Photo: Nanotech Security Corp.)

Doug Blakeway has launched several successful businesses, and his CV is as diverse as it is inspiring

The Hidden Value of Office Smalltalk

Vietnamese businesswoman and Indian businessman conversing at water cooler.

The chatterbox who can't stop talking about last night's football game might just be enhancing your business

Readers Choice

Morgan Carey of Nanaimo’s Real Estate Webmasters on his business strategy and post-Den plans

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