Lessons in Team Building from Masai Ujiri

“It’s about finding that balance between being fierce and treating people well,” says the President and GM of the Toronto Raptors

3 Simple Resolutions to Help You Win the New(ish) Year

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The most basic things can set you up for major success. What you need to start doing right away

7 Ways to Develop a Reputation for Politeness

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Good manners doesn't cost you anything, but the returns can be huge. How to show simply courtesy in all your business interactions

Why You Should Always Be Willing to Change Your Mind


Persuadable author Al Pittampalli on why modern leaders must challenge their own assumptions

How to Create a More Focused Workplace

PROFIT Business Cast

Interruptions and distractions are all too common in the modern office. Kira Leskew outlines five things you can do to help yourself and your employees concentrate

The Right Way to Manage Conflict

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Knowing when to bite your tongue can be the difference between healthy relationships and burned bridges. How to deal with disagreements

What It Takes to Build Organizational Diversity

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What We Learned in 2015: The federal cabinet got gender parity this year. Other organizations would do well to follow that lead

What You Can Learn About Problem Solving Through Lego

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What We Learned in 2015: Everything is awesome when you tackle organizational challenges via plastic bricks

What It’s Like to Work at a Stationary Bike Desk


What We Learned in 2015: The latest thing in office fitness, or just another workplace workout fad? One journalist pedals her way to an answer

Why You Need to Develop Your Own Leaders


What We Learned in 2015: FreshBooks CEO Mike McDerment shares his biggest lesson from the past year

The Truth About Lifehacks


What We Learned in 2015: Chris Bailey tests novel ways of getting more done on himself to see if they work. It turns out productivity is exhausting

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