Power is a difficult concept to define: it can mean money, influence, connections and celebrity—and, often, involves a combination of all four. The one thing that’s clear about power is that once you’re in the presence of someone how has it, you know it.

Every year, Canadian Business assembles a list of the 50 most powerful people in Canada. This year, we looked to a wide array of sources: entrepreneurs, corporate directors, CEOs, politicians, financiers, economists and connectors. What they share is that most enviable quality in business: when they talk, people listen.

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Want to know who rules the boardrooms—and backrooms—of Canadian business? Head on over to CanadianBusiness.com and check out our exclusive Power 50 ranking of the dealmakers, string-pullers and master manipulators who call the shots in 2014. There, you’ll find profiles of all 50 winners, along with some cool extras, including this fascinating infographic of how the people on this year’s list are connected.

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