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How to Fire a Client (Amicably)

Don't hold on to a bad customer relationship just because you don't know how end it. Try these proven tips instead.

What Product Certifications Actually Mean


Thinking of earning a Fairtrade label? How about Canada Organic or Women Owned? Here's how do-gooder certifications stack up

When is it Time to Change Your Name?

(Photo: Nymi)

One Toronto company's decision to rebrand highlights the importance of timing in shaping a corporate identity

One Company’s Clever Holiday Marketing Gambit


Klick Health aims to spread the word about its corporate culture through a truly unique version of "Jingle Bells"

A “Weird and Fast” Approach to Better Problem-Solving

Nancy Vonk and Janet Kestin (Photo: Arthur Mola)

The women behind Dove's "Evolution" campaign share a simple 6-step strategy that generates more creative, innovative ideas

5 Simple Ways to Increase Sales

Sonya Meloff, Allison Grafton and Aneela Zaib (Photo: Arthur Mola)

W100 leaders reveal their strategies for bringing in big revenue

The Technology Saving In-Store Shopping


More and more retailers are using beacons to merge in-store shopping with mobile access to information—and data shows they work

The Real Time Commitment of Smart Marketing


If you want to build awareness of your brand, you have to devote resources—some of them internal—to the cause

Can Science Make Your Brand Cool?

(Illustration: Shout)

By watching what people click online, market researchers are harnessing the power of big data to spot trends before they happen. At least, that's the pitch

Where Americans are Spending Today


U.S. businesses are poised to go on a spending spree, and it means big opportunity for their suppliers

Infographic: The Problem with Ecommerce in Canada

online shopping resize2

As Cyber Monday approaches, too few Canadian retailers know how to satiate growing demand for online shopping

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As the calendar fills with festive gatherings, employers need to be prepared for the pitfalls of employees’ celebrations. Here are three things you should set clear policies about in advance.

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