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Ask a Millennial: Why Are You So Scared of Talking on the Phone?

Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on how young workers really feel about calling

The Case for Putting Your Employees in the Marketing Spotlight

Illustration: iStock

Staff are the frontline of your firm. Why you should put them at the heart of your advertising too

What’s the Right Way to Respond to Negative Online Reviews?

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Some businesses are making nice, while others are seeking help to defend their reputations

4 Tools for a Super Digital Marketing Campaign


From managing a newsletter to identifying influencers, these applications make it easy to promote your business online

Is Your Brand As Canadian As…

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For Canada Day, we look at which companies have chosen to shed their Canuck identity and which continue to fly the Maple Leaf as they expand overseas

Why There’s No Such Thing As “Digital Marketing” Anymore

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Marketers are confusing the essence of the job they do with the tools they use to do it, and it’s dangerous

The Legal and Accounting Challenges of Channel Sales

Office contract

Without the right protections and systems in place, a successful program can quickly fall apart. What you need to be paying attention to

How to Get Your Customers to Advertise for You

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Steam Whistle's Kendra Nicholson on how a brand can leverage fan support to its advantage

Why You’re Never Too Small to Have a Social Media Strategy


Shopify's Dan Fricker on how businesses with limited resources can effectively use social platforms

What Successful Startups Know About Sales


In the early days, many high-tech firms are focused on the product more than on selling it. Here’s why they should rethink that balance

5 Deal Breakers That Sink Sales and How to Avoid Them


Expert advice on what you may be doing wrong and what you can do to fix it

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Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on how young workers really feel about calling

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