Sales & Marketing

Why Your Brand Matters More than Your Product

This creative company stands for more than what it sells. How to do the same.

3 Ways to Sell Abroad Without Leaving Your Desk

Photo: Warchi/iStock

Streamline Automation founder Dwayne Lehman has built an overseas empire from a single Calgary office

3 Vital Steps for Turning Marketing into Sales

Illustration: Comzeal/iStock

Investing in marketing is a great way to boost revenues. But without a few key changes, you’re wasting your money.

The Secret to Closing Online Sales

Illustration: Chokkicx/iStock

Don’t expect consumers to become customers the first time around. You need to retarget to get results.

3 Essential Ingredients for Fruitful Franchising

Photo: Nick Wong/CB

New York Fries founder Jay Gould explains his approach to franchising, innovation and spending his own money.

5 Moneyball Tactics to Build a Winning Sales Team

Photo: RyanKing99/iStock

Top talent is often unaffordable. How to build a super sales squad of unconventional candidates.

Canadians Don’t Want to Hear About Your Innovations

Photo: IPG Gutenberg UK Ltd/iStock

Less than half of consumers trust businesses. Here's how to regain their confidence.

4 Keys to Winning Business in the Developing World

Photo: Leonutra/Getty

Acquiring overseas clients isn't a case of just picking up the phone. Here's how to export to emerging markets.

Stop Trying to Sell Your Customers Fairy Tales

Photo: Mrpilskin/iStock

Authenticity is the holy grail of branding, but beware: consumers can spot insincerity a mile away

How to Help Customers Decide What They Like

Photo: Carlos Osorio/Toronto Star/Getty

Canadian e-commerce success story Frank & Oak rolls out curation service

The Only Way to Know What Your Customers Want

Photo: Tumpikuja/iStock

Identifying opportunities and driving sales by analyzing customer data doesn’t make sense for small and mid-sized companies

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