Sales & Marketing

Why Networking Feels So Icky

A new study explains the reasons business-related meet-and-greets make some people feel physically dirty

The 7 Deadly Sins of Presentations

dull powerpoint

Too many leaders rely on boring and ineffective PowerPoint decks. Here’s what they’re doing wrong—and how to fix it

Meet the Hottest Young Entrepreneurs in Marketing

(Photo: Mike Ford)

These 5 visionaries have created companies that are shaking up the cutthroat marketing world, and they're all under the age of 30

Your Product is a Smash Hit. Now What?

matter and form

A successful crowdfunding campaign suddenly gave one Toronto firm more international business than it was prepared for. Here's how it delivered

Meet Montreal’s Fastest-Growing Companies


Get to know the most dynamic companies in Quebec's biggest city, and learn some of their best sales and marketing tips

4 Ways to Max Out Your Sales

*How To Sold Out

The Vancouver Whitecaps FC sell out nearly all of their home games. COO Rachel Lewis reveals the team's magic sales formula

How to Sell an Unbelievable Amount, Unbelievably Fast

How To Car

Lessons in salesmanship from someone who sold 32 cars in one day

Yes, You Can Bluff a Bad Hand

(Photo: Naomi Harris)

A professional poker player shares how to convince your rivals that you're in it to win

How to Transform a Tired Idea

(Photo: Roberto Caruso)

Purdy's Chocolatier turned a 107-year-old recipe into one of its top sellers today with a few simple—but brilliant—tweaks

5 Steps to a Total Brand Reinvention


Corporate-makeover wizard Joe Jackman reveals what it takes to inject new life into an old business

The 7 Elements of Great B2B Marketing


The attributes you really need to make a splash in today's competitive environment

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