Sales & Marketing

How to Avoid the “Ugly Email”

5 simple steps to give you a brand and communications makeover

The potential pitfall of a Tim Hortons-Burger King merger


A merger between Tim Hortons and Burger King makes sense financially. But merging corporate cultures is far more difficult

The Key to Scoring a Huge U.S. Client


The CEO of Vancouver's BroadbandTV—which just extended a marquee contract with the NBA—explains how Canadian firms can win big global deals

Do Loyalty Programs Actually Work?

Client at shop paying at cash register with saleswoman

Customers today can be fickle, and that creates a big problem for brands looking to secure repeat business

4 Things You Must Know About Social Media Today


You can't ask consumers to "like" you on Facebook any more, and other social developments affecting your business

How Many Sales Calls is Too Many?


Some no-holds-barred advice from a business veteran who receives too many bad pitches, too often

Why You’re Probably Wasting Your Time on Social Media

social media icons

To succeed today, you can't just dabble in social media. It takes resources—including money—to make an impact

How to Make Spam People Actually Want to Read


Why you should stop worrying and learn to love Canada's new anti-spam laws

The Secret to 100% Customer Satisfaction

PROFIT Business Cast

An award-winning eBay merchant shares the three things he does to keep buyers happy

What Happens When a Great Company has Terrible Marketing?


Uber's recent weak publicity stunts demonstrate how even the best businesses can go horribly awry

5 Ways to Master Media Relations


Most leaders hate dealing with the press, and it shows. A more open and honest approach can make a huge difference

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