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Should You Have an Easter Sale?

3 Key Charts: how consumers react to holiday sales, the construction skills gap and loyalty program results.

How to Build Real Customer Relationships On Social Media

Photo: Matt Jeacock/iStock

You can't just automate your posts and hope for the best

How to Unleash Your Marketing Secret Weapon

Illustration: Topp Yimgrimm/iStock

Outside perceptions of your brand depend on what you do internally. How to turn culture into advertising

What to Do Now That Facebook is No Longer Free

Thumbs Up Facebook Symbol

Connect with your customers via the social media giant now costs money. Here's how to make the most of it

The 4 Essentials of Legendary Customer Service

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What you can learn from a brand with a reputation for always going above and beyond

Why You Need to Avoid Making the News

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Awesome events can grab customers attention, but they're a high-risk proposition. How to get them right

The Social Angst That Makes Consumers Buy More

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Harnessing this modern-day twist on keeping up with the Joneses could help you acquire customers

Make Mainstream Money from Niche Interests

Young couple with longboards in park

This company's success proves that breaking the status quo can be worth billions

4 Signs That It’s Time to Outsource Your Marketing

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How to know when your internal marketers can't deliver the results you need

What’s Your Localness Score?

Illustration: Perysty/iStock

Consumers are increasingly curious about the source of their purchases. How that could affect your business

One Old-Fashioned Way to Stand Out from the Competition

Photo: Hulton Archive/iStock

This advertising trick makes your product's special or superficial features stand out.

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