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Why Doing Good Is More Important Than Ever

Consumers increasingly expect brands they patronize to take corporate social responsibility seriously

How to Start a Must-Read Company Blog

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Great content can bring crowds of customers to your website, and build your brand. An eight-step guide to blogging success

Call for Entries: Join the 2016 PROFIT 500!


We're on the hunt for Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies. Is your business one of them?

Why So Many Big Brands Are Buying Little Ones


“Authenticity” is the branding buzzword of the moment, and industry giants are acquiring smaller competitors to get it

4 Smart Strategies for Selling Into a New Market

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Full-time salary or part-time effort? Our experts weigh in on the most effective way to generate leads in unknown territory

The 4 Sales Leading Indicators You Need to Measure

sales success

Are you managing in the rear-view mirror? How to win more business by proactively tracking the right metrics

How to Recover From a Corporate Scandal Today


Brands can no longer win in the court of public opinion. Why you should save the CEO crocodile tears and focus on fixing things quietly

The 3 Steps to Choosing the Right Channel Sales Partner or Vendor

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Who you work with will determine whether your program succeeds or fails. How to pick wisely

Should You Use PR to Market Your Startup?

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Hiring someone to talk up your company and get your name in the papers isn't cheap. Why it may be worth the expense

How to Surprise and Delight Your Customers

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A new survey suggests “wow” moments create loyalty and generate referrals. And it doesn’t have to be expensive or difficult

The Top 5 B2B Marketing Trends from 2015

Illustration: Topp Yimgrimm/iStock

As many companies realized this year, marketing isn’t just for consumer-facing businesses

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Companies waste thousands on duplicated supplies and misspent effort. Here’s how to stop it

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