Sales & Marketing

How to Get Your Customers to Advertise for You

Steam Whistle's Kendra Nicholson on how a brand can leverage fan support to its advantage

Why You’re Never Too Small to Have a Social Media Strategy


Shopify's Dan Fricker on how businesses with limited resources can effectively use social platforms

What You Need to Know About Sales Right Now

Illustration: iStock

Strategies and tactics for landing new customers, doing more business with existing clients, and building a stellar sales team in today's business world

Why Millennials Actually Make Great Sales Reps


The notion of cold calling a stranger only to be ignored or rejected terrifies most members of Generation Y—and that's why they're perfect for sales

How to Miss Your Deadline But Keep the Client

Photo: Kutaytanir/iStock

Every company strives to meet time targets, but problems inevitably crop up. The right way to tell your customers when things have gone wrong

Do You Know Your Company’s Story?

Don Draper pitches to Conrad Hilton in Season 3 of Mad Men. Photo: AMC

You ought to. A good origin tale makes your business relatable to customers, which can drive major sales

A Creative Way to Get a Dream Client’s Attention

Illustration: Topp Yimgrimm/iStock

Toronto digital marketing, design and PR agency 88 Creative is using some innovative tactics to woo eyewear brand Warby Parker

What You Can Learn About Personal Branding From Scott McGillivray

“Income Property” host Scott McGillivray (HGTV)

#McGillibabe explains how he built a growing real-estate television empire, one plaid shirt at a time

Why Nostalgia Is Such a Powerful Branding Tool

Photo: Mario Beauregard/CP

Handle your brand’s history with care. In an age of endless novelty, it’s one of your greatest assets

The True Cost of Poor Customer Service


Canadians are 'silent switchers,' leaving companies no chance to make it right before they jump to the competition. How to ensure you don't lose them

A Simple Way to Make a Brand Seem Authentic

Handwriting and chalk have been a big part of DavidsTea's aesthetic from its early days, as this Toronto location showed in 2008. Photo: Tibor Kolley/The Globe and Mail/CP

Handwriting is in decline, except in the world of marketing. Chalk it up to consumers' desire for a more informal style from the businesses they frequent

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