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How to Make Unmentionables Marketable

Advertising some products is taboo. So men’s underwear brand MyPakage had to get creative

What You Can Learn from an eBay Millionaire

Illustration: Kagan McLeod

Smoke and mirrors don't move merchandise. Why one online seller recommends being honest

3 Ways to Unlock the Lucrative “Local” Market

Photo: iStock

As consumers increasingly focus on where products come from, embracing your localness can help you face down larger competitors

When a Thank You is Better than a Reward


Cheapo rewards don't work, according to a new study. Give customers gratitude instead of chintzy gifts

How to Turn a Viral Miss Into a Marketing Hit

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Shoes of Prey's collaboration with a YouTube star brought the company lots of attention, but few sales. The pivot that solved that problem

Why International Sales Should Be a Professional Designation

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The age of global trade requires a new kind of salesperson. This entrepreneur is trying to enable that

Why Marketing Must Maintain Moral Authority

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Marketing is rapidly becoming whatever you can get away with, and it endangers the whole business

How to Get Potential Customers to Take Your Sales Calls

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Cold calling is a nuisance. Prospective clients will respond better to these alternatives

The Case for Letting Customers Go

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Customers hate dealing with the "retention" desk. Why it makes more sense to let them go and then win them back instead

How to Get in Front of Consumers When They’re Most Receptive

Photo: Jeff Singer

Brian Wong's Kiip helps brands connect with consumers using mobile rewards timed to perfection

How Needls Plans to Help Small Businesses Find Sales Leads

The Needls dashboard. Screenshot: Needls

Toronto service uses social media to connect users to customers with purchase intent

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