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6 Things Small Businesses Need to Understand About Social Media

Basic truths from the world of retail you can apply to your online marketing efforts

Why You Shouldn’t Ask Customers to Rate You


The number of stars a product gets have very little to do with the quality of what's being reviewed, according to a new study

How to Forge a Following


YouTube star Matthew Santoro explains how he built an audience of 5.5 million subscribers—and counting

How to Standardize Great Service


Oliver & Bonacini president Andrew Oliver reveals the tactics that equip his 1,200 employees to deliver amazing customer experiences

Can You Capitalize on the Pokémon Go Craze?

A Pokemon appears on a smartphone playing Pokémon Go in downtown Toronto. Photo: Cole Burston/CP

Main street businesses in some Canadian cities are using the smartphone game phenomenon as a creative form of marketing

Ask a Millennial: Why Are You So Scared of Talking on the Phone?

Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick. Photo: Roberto Caruso

Our Senior Millennial Correspondent Anna Fitzpatrick on how young workers really feel about calling

Why Great Customer Service Is the Best Kind of Marketing

Photo: Alubalish/iStock

Finding new clients is expensive—and getting more so. Focus on keeping existing ones happy

How to Promote Products on Pinterest


Aldo used the picture-heavy platform to connect with brides. Inside the Canadian footwear retailer's innovative social media strategy

Why Picking Up the Phone is Still the Best Way to Prospect

Photo: iStock

Taking the niche approach and cold calling “all day, every day” helped Carrie Simpson's Managed Sales Pros grow 400% in just one year

The Case for Putting Your Employees in the Marketing Spotlight

Illustration: iStock

Staff are the frontline of your firm. Why you should put them at the heart of your advertising too

What’s the Right Way to Respond to Negative Online Reviews?

Photo: iStock

Some businesses are making nice, while others are seeking help to defend their reputations

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