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Art Sobczak of is an online guru specializing in telephone sales. That may sound sort of old-fashioned, but the truth is most businesses will get more significant sales from strategic telephone campaigns than they ever will from email blasts or other automated media.

Sobczak knows that cold-calling is one of the toughest challenges any business person will ever face, so he has loads of tips and programs to make the job easier for you. Here are his latest tips from his free e-book;

Have call objectives. When you know you need to place a certain number of calls, you are more focused.

Don’t be too concerned about “best times to call.” Some reps avoid two hours around lunch, late afternoons, mornings, etc., rationalizing that prospects won’t be available. If you’re not on the phone, you have NO chance of reaching anyone!

Prior to your prospecting call to a decision maker, consider talking to actual users of your product/service within the organization. This will provide great information you can use to prepare your questions.

Always start at the highest level at which you feel your decision could be made (or even one higher). It’s better to be referred down, since you can drop the name of the higher-up who sent you.

When the screener informs you that the person you’re asking for on a prospecting call is no longer with the company, without missing a beat, ask, “Who took his/her place?”

Consider starting at the end of a directory you’re working from when prospecting. Those people have likely received fewer calls from salespeople who typically start at the beginning.

Sobczak’s latest marketing offer: you can get this free e-book with 501 “Telephone Tips That Sell!” simply by joining Sobczak’s page on Facebook. Click the “Like” button beside his name, and then click on the link just below his photo to apply for your free e-book via email. There’s a lot of great advice in it.

Sobczak will also sign you up for his newsletter, which I have received for years. It’s a regular jolt of confidence for those who dread making sales calls. (If you don’t want to receive his emails, you can always cancel.)

Some of you may figure out you can also get the e-book by going straight to his offer page especially if you’re not on Facebook). But becoming his Facebook fan seems a small price to play for great tips like these.


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