And don’t be deterred if writing is not your forte and you can’t enlist your staff to help out; there are plenty of freelance writers out there who are willing and able to develop content for your approval.

Give Something to Get Something

Because this is your business, you most certainly have a depth of knowledge about your products and services that potential customers will find of value. You may also have examples of how your products or services have performed in an exemplary way. Craft these examples into case studies that will make for compelling reading in the form of ebooks or infographics.

Create a few of these and hype them on your site as FREE downloads. As well, link them in your blog and share them on your social media platforms. When visitors download these files, you capture potential leads—or, at the very least, potential subscribers to your newsletter.

Go Social—But Be Smart About It

If you have a social media presence, updating it must be informed by the key values and essential messages you want associated with your company. Posting trivia is seen as just that—trivial.

Instead, as you develop more content about how smart you are and how great your products or services perform, post links to this content on social media platforms. Those postings will drive traffic to your website, where visitors can explore all your content and, possibly, download an ebook or infographic. Likewise, if your professional qualifications are updated, or if you or your company receive some credible recognition, you should add this to your personal profile on sites such as LinkedIn and highlight it in your newsletter.

Never Stop Gauging How You’re Doing

Ongoing, real-time website analytics are essential if you’re going to better understand who’s visiting your site, where they’re coming from, what they’re looking for, how long they’re staying and where they’re dropping out. These are just a few of the metrics you will want to explore.

Many basic versions of these tools, such as Google Analytics, are free from search engines. Working with these tools is enlightening—and humbling. Best of all, website analytics can provide a real-time glimpse of what is and isn’t working on your site.

The ultimate goal of enhancing your online presence is to engage potential and actual visitors in order to fulfill a key objective of your online mission: growing your brand community. That’s what transforms your online investment from a cost centre into a business builder. Now THAT is sexy!

Wayne S. Roberts is president and chief creative officer of Blade Creative Branding, a firm specializing in strategic branding, creative advertising and innovative online solutions.

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