During the brutal summer months experienced by Alberta’s economy, when the price of crude oil had fallen well below US$50 a barrel and layoffs in the Albertan oilfields were rampant, a Fort McMurray craft brewery found a creative way to lift the community’s spirits.

The Wood Buffalo Brewing Company pegged its flagship brew to the price of oil. Each day, the cost of a pint of caramel-coloured Wood Buffalo Pale Ale, described as a “perfect representation of the northern Alberta landscape,” is adjusted to 10% of the previous day’s price of a barrel of crude oil. While other ales at the brewery sell for $7 a pint, the Wood Buffalo Pale Ale dropped to as low as $4.50 in the summer.

“We’re part of the community, and we’re here for them too,” said Steve Sachse, one of the co-owners at Wood Buffalo. “Anybody can say they’ll drop beer by $2, but we wanted to do something creative.” The promotion is still ongoing.


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