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One Way to Enlighten Your Staff

The power move that will subconsciously wow employees, and more news about work in this month's Watercooler

Do You Really Need a Marketing Manager?


The changing purchasing landscape has many B2B firms scrambling to hire marketers, but it's best not to rush the decision

Meet the Halifax Firm Taking on Disney

Michael Donovan of DHX. (Photo: Scott Munn; Character images: courtesy of DHX)

In DHX, Michael Donovan has created a media company for the Netflix age. Here's how he built his empire

The Real Problem with Greenwashing


Enviro-scolds have spooked companies into silence about sustainability, even when they're doing well

The potential pitfall of a Tim Hortons-Burger King merger


A merger between Tim Hortons and Burger King makes sense financially. But merging corporate cultures is far more difficult

Why Should Businesses Be Patriotic?

Canada flag

Should companies be obliged to remain headquartered in their country of origin? Free-market principles suggest not

8 Steps to Stress-Free Decisions

Green sneackers from above on the white arrows,dilemmas concept

Tired of agonizing over every choice that crosses your desk? These steps can make the process painless

Why Succession Matters More than Ever


Too few business leaders give enough thought into who will take over when they go, and it can yield disastrous results

What Every Entrepreneur Should Know at Startup


It's not all sunshine and rainbows in the early days. Here are 4 hard-earned lessons from someone who's been through it

Do Loyalty Programs Actually Work?

Client at shop paying at cash register with saleswoman

Customers today can be fickle, and that creates a big problem for brands looking to secure repeat business

The Hidden Cost of M&As


The company you've just bought might have a very different benefits plan than what you offer. Unless you plan carefully, it could cost you

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The power move that will subconsciously wow employees, and more news about work in this month’s Watercooler

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