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The 4 Legal Matters Startups Should Settle Early

Too many founders fail to pay attention to these crucial issues at the beginning, leading to huge costs later on

Why Office Space Is the Next Frontier of the Sharing Economy

Spacehop user Lavinia Osbourne in one of the homes available for hire as office space on the website, in London, England. Photo: Tim Ireland/AP/CP

A growing crop of marketplaces allow owners to rent out their spaces short-term, providing a new workplace option for mobile workers

How to Build an Organization That’s Both Nimble AND Resilient


The 2017 PROFIT Small & Medium Enterprise Outlook: Entrepreneurs and experts explain how to prepare your business to adapt quickly as well as weather bad times

Why Sunrise Records Thinks It Can Succeed Where HMV Failed

A closing HMV music store in Kingston, Ont., in January 2017. Photo: Lars Hagberg/CP

Vinyl is having a moment, and Ontario-based Sunrise Records is basking in it. But is the market big enough to sustain 70 new retail locations?

Lessons From the Dragons: When the Novelty Wears Off


An adaptable model for entertaining the masses in Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 17

What SMEs Are Worried About Right Now (And What to Do About It)

Revealing Blue Sky

Four strategies for dealing with economic and political uncertainty at home

Canada’s Most Lucrative Places for Business: #1 — Vaughan, Ont.


The diverse, rapidly-growing city provides plenty of opportunities for companies seeking a new market

Who You Should Send to Negotiate For You


New research suggests the gender of the people doing the haggling on either side of the table affects the outcome of deliberations

The Secret to the Success of Family Firms

Galen G. Weston with his son, and father Galen Weston at the press conference announcing Loblaw Companies' acquisition of Shoppers Drug Mart in 2013. Photo: David Cooper/Toronto Star/Getty

Clan-run companies can think in decades, not quarters. Loblaw's Galen G. Weston explains what you can learn from them

Inside Ron White Shoes’ Strategy to Break Into the U.S. Market


The entrepreneur spent years building his upscale footwear brand in Canada through sheer force of personality. Can he do it again south of the border?

Why Setting Deadlines for Your Staff Is a Waste of Time

Photo: Kutaytanir/iStock

A new study suggests enforced due dates lead to rushed or subpar work

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