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BlackBerry Bets on Healthcare Tech

The troubled Waterloo tech giant has bought a stake in California-based NantHealth in an effort to improve its future prospects

No Joke: Your Mail Costs Just Spiked by 35%

canada post

Despite Canada Post’s efforts to help businesses adjust to rate hikes, the 98% of small firms relying its services will pay dearly

The Simple Way to Kill Presentation Anxiety

PROFIT Business Cast

Even the most seasoned leaders can get nervous before an important speech or meeting. There’s an easy method of improving your confidence—and it doesn’t cost a penny

The Most Useful Skill an Entrepreneur Can Learn


Most CEOs are better at being listened to than they are at listening. Embrace the latter, and you’ll dramatically improve your results

What Really Happens When You Sell Your Business


One retired business owner shares how he scored a happy exit—and what you can do to do the same

5 Ways to Host an Amazing Event

PROFIT Business Cast

The stakes are high when you get people out to an in-person event. Here are some tips on what works

Get An Advisory Board, Triple Your Sales Growth


Firms that create advisory boards perform measurably better than those that don’t. So, why do so few companies have them?

When Should You Cut Your Losses?

Close-up of male face.

Deciding whether to shut down is one of the toughest decisions any entrepreneur will ever make. It helps if you dial down the emotion

Do Conference Calls Have to Suck?


They're a business reality, but they're also dry, annoying and (too often) unending. What do you do to make your group phone calls more tolerable?

Are You a Toxic Leader?


4 signs that your “bad boss” behaviour might be infiltrating your entire workforce—and what you can do to stop the damage

The Pros and Cons of Flexible Benefits


Like the idea of letting employees pick and choose their perks? Know the costs before you convert

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The delicate art of overseeing staff who were collecting paycheques when you were collecting Lego

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