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When It Pays to Work With the Competition

The banks wouldn’t finance her business, so W100 winner Jane Gowing forged alliances with other construction firms. The result: Bigger clients and massive growth

Why You Shouldn’t Just Give Clients What They Say They Want

PROFIT Business Cast

A customer don't always know what the best solution to their problem is. How to identify their real goals and meet them

6 Good Reasons to Manufacture in Canada

Made in Canada and barcode, business concept

Offshoring has its advantages, but you can actually save money, time and hassle by making at home. Why this small business did it

Why Design Should Matter to You

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Canada’s savviest companies are using design principles to engage customers and boost profits. How to make it your competitive advantage

The Most Dangerous Mistake You Can Make in App Development

Illustration: Aidar Murzabayev/iStock

Grindr CEO Joel Simkhai explains how focusing on features gets in the way of building a big user base

A 10-Step Process to Future-Proof Your Staff


Succession planning isn't just about owners leaving their businesses. Smart leaders work to make sure no key role ever sits unfilled

When You Shouldn’t Sell Your Business

business for sale

Entrepreneurs should think twice before cashing out. Sticking with it for the long haul is often better for everyone

How to Break Bad News to a Client


Sometimes things just don’t go your way. Seven steps to telling your customers the unfortunate truth without jeopardizing your reputation and credibility

The Secret to Great Customer Service

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Delivering the kind of experiences clients crave takes one-on-one attention, not technology quick fixes. Why you need to find your company's "moment of truth"

Should You Contract With Someone You Don’t Really Trust?

Office contract

The Supreme Court's decision in Bhasin v. Hrynew has important implications for businesses. What you need to know

What to Do With Your Franchise When the Trend Inevitably Ends

Photo: Freshii

Froyo and juice are on the way out, says Freshii’s Matthew Corrin. He's offering an escape route

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The pop-up model is being embraced by online retailers, brands testing new concepts and anyone else who wants exposure to shoppers without commitment to a lease

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