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How to Invigorate a Humble Business

For 15 years, C.R. Plastic Products was a moderately successful furniture maker. Thanks to some big risks, big hires and big investments, it’s a burgeoning global brand and PROFIT 500 winner

Secrets of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company


The remarkable story of how a technophilic car salesman from Salmon Arm, B.C., created a website, changed the way Canadians buy vehicles and built the No. 1 company on the 2016 PROFIT 500—Canada Drives

How to Grow by Doing One Thing Really Well


Trying to be all things to all clients has destroyed many a venture. Better to emulate these PROFIT 500 winners that have found success by focusing—and saying “No”

How to Make Money Serving the Underserved


Chasing trends can be lucrative, but as these PROFIT 500 winners prove, so can catering to clients others have neglected. But to find niches with real promise, you have to know where—and how—to look

What It Really Means to Let Someone Else Run the Company You Built

handing over keys

The co-founders of Vancouver’s Nurse Next Door on the hard, scary, and emotional ordeal of letting go

When Your Business Opportunity is a Moving Target

Photo: Jumbo2010/iStock

In a quickly evolving space, the ability to spot and act on trends it the key to growth. How one firm stays ahead of the market

3 Steps to an Unstoppable Sales Strategy


How to develop a plan that will equip your sales team to sell more, better

5 Steps to Turn Your Small Firm Into an International Franchisor

Illustration: iStock

Driving serious growth is easier when you spread the work—and the rewards. How franchising can help you build a global enterprise

3 Simple Ways to Keep Your Small Business Fresh

Happy staff

You don’t need a lot of technology or money to keep your company at the cutting edge of change. What you do need is creative energy

When the Marketplace Model Actually Works


Digitized flyer app Flipp has been downloaded over 13 million times. How Wehuns Tan and his team built a business connecting retailers and consumers

5 Things Your Business Should Do During the Summer Slowdown


How to keep your organization efficient, productive and profitable in the "season of auto-reply"

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Resilience might not be exciting, but it’s what separates businesses that survive tough times from those that don’t. Just ask the owners of PROFIT 500 winner Ryan Murphy Construction, a Calgary company thriving amid a brutal local downturn

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