Strategy & Operations

What a General Manager Could Do for You

Hiring someone to handle day-to-day operations freed James MacDonald up to focus on growth and new opportunities

Why You Shouldn’t Panic About Canada’s Current Recession

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We're experiencing about as mild a downturn as you could ever imagine. Keep calm and carry on

When to Admit Defeat and Move On

Illustration: iStock

Not every business is successful. How to determine if it's time to give up and live to fight another day

How Small Firms Can Win Big from Mega-Events

Mega-events like the Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games can provide big exposure for small businesses. Photo: Chris Young/CP

Toronto’s SpiderTech will supply the Pan Am Games. What they did to prepare

Don’t Let Canada Post’s Rate Hike Affect Your Bottom Line

Photo: Lee Brown/CP

Postage charges will rise in January. Alternatives to the Crown corporation in three key mail categories

When Long-Term Thinking Doesn’t Make Sense


Focusing on long-range goals can paralyze your team if they don’t know where to start. Try planning in sprints instead

How to Do 15% More with the Same People

Illustration: Erhui1979/iStock

Even on the most demanding projects, there’s extra capacity that you’re missing. Three ways to find and use it

The Simple Blueprint for a True Turnaround

Photo: Stephen C. Host/CP

Maple Leaf Foods survived restructuring, divestitures and PR nightmares by staying focused on the end goal

How Scheduling Slack Time Helps You Move Projects Forward


Filling downtime with the mundane tasks necessary to bring an idea to market pays off according to a new study

How to Design an Idea Factory

Pink Tartan president and founder Kimberley Newport-Mimran (centre). Photo: Jamie Hogge

Pink Tartan produces 10 collections every year. Where founder and design director Kimberley Newport-Mimran finds her inspiration

Why Startup Founders Should Spend Some Time in China


Going through a Shenzen-based hardware accelerator helped Bartesian build a better product faster

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