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Lessons From the Dragons: What Sets You Apart

A funny franchisor, some outlandish asks and a charming couple with a cute product line in Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 8

The Most Important Factor in Any M&A Deal

Illustration: Sorbetto/iStock

Forget the money. When one business is buying another, it's the people that matter says one successful CEO

How to Stop Suppliers From Shortchanging You

Illustration: iStock

"Shrinkflation" could be costing you more than you realize. Why robust quality control and attention to detail are a must

Lessons From the Dragons: Flexibility Protects Against Fading Fads


A fitness entrepreneur climbing the latest trend and two basic businesses with wild valuations on Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 5

Lessons From the Dragons: Winning Without Being First


A trio of young founders with a unique take on a booming space on Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 4

How to Get Comfortable With Risk


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips: Full Throttle Power Sports CEO Christine Bell on what entrepreneurs can do to make the uncertain a whole lot less scary

How to Streamline Your Processes


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips: Innovative Vision's Sajan Choksi and BDC's Ash Gude on what it really takes to work smarter, not harder

How to Drive Business Value


PROFIT 500 Growth Tips: Sortable's Christopher Reid and BDO's Alex Hardy share a proven strategy for ratcheting up its performance—and worth

Why You Should Befriend the Competition

1-800-GOT-JUNK? CEO Brian Scudamore with coopetitor Barry Hartman of 505 Junk

Trying to beat a rival almost destroyed this successful entrepreneur. How cooperating instead made his business better

7 Ways to Build the Perfect Small Business


Size needn't dictate success. To celebrate Small Business Week, here are some crucial skills and strategies that can help you outshine the competition, sell more and build a top-notch workforce

Lessons From the Dragons: The Refined Art of Trend Hopping

Bartesian's Bryan Fedorak and Ryan Close pitch the Dragons on CBC's Dragons' Den

A couple of tasty pitches and an idea in search of a foundation on Dragons' Den Season 11 Episode 2

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Your business is only as good as the people that work within it. What one entrepreneur does to ensure new hires will fit into his company’s culture

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