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What to Do When a Key Employee Goes On Leave

Vacations, maternity leave and illnesses can leave you short-staffed. The best way to keep going

How “Made in Canada” Can Save You Money

Illustration: Perysty/iStock

This Winnipeg firm is taking on IKEA by making the most of local manufacturing

The 7 Obstacles Standing in the Way of Your Growth

Growth chart

Robert Sher explains the complications you need to watch out for and how to overcome them

3 Simple Ways to Reduce Your Rent

PROFIT Business Cast

Commercial lease coach Dale Willerton explains how to control your real estate costs

The 4 Essentials of Legendary Customer Service

Photo: Alubalish/iStock

What you can learn from a brand with a reputation for always going above and beyond

How to Tell Customers You’ve Been Hacked

security breach2

The risk of a security breach grows daily. The best way to deal with the fallout

The Real Reason You Can’t Find Good Managers

Illustration: Mstay/iStock

3 Key Charts: where managers come from, millennial do-gooding and the geography of mergers and acquisitions

Will a Buyer Actually Want Your Employees?


7 ways to improve the quality of your staff and make your business more attractive to acquirers

One Creative Way to Future-Proof Your Business

future binoculars

This unconventional approach to R&D attracts partners and grabs attention

Can Canada Goose Escape the Success Trap?

Photo: Aaron Vincent Elkaim/CP

The Canadian brand is at risk of going out of fashion. Why popularity can be a curse as well as a blessing

Make Mainstream Money from Niche Interests

Young couple with longboards in park

This company's success proves that breaking the status quo can be worth billions

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Traditional office arrangements are passé

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