How Procurify Plans to Simplify Your Procurement Process

The British Columbia-based platform promises to make purchasing easier and save businesses time and money

How Elon Musk Could Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bill


Battery makers are suddenly finding themselves with an explosion of new markets to service

Why You’re Not Too Little for Big Data

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Simple steps any company can employ to unlock the power of analytics and better their business practices

4 Tips for Engaging Consumers on Instagram and Facebook

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The photo sharing platform and its social network parent can provide support to marketing campaigns

How Control Plans to Make Managing Online Payments Easier

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Vancouver startup counts Hootsuite founder Ryan Holmes as an investor and advisor

Why the Way You Bank is About to Change


Canadian fintech startups promise reduced fees, less paperwork and lower interest rates

Who is Your Company’s Workplace Bully?

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3 Key Charts: office oppressors, the geography of Canadian venture capital, and digital engagement

The New Technology Putting Middlemen Out of Business

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Blockchain could make transactions cheaper and compliance easier without the need for third parties

How Every Business Can Use Big Data to Make Better Decisions

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Companies that use analytics are many times more profitable than data laggards

Why the Next Wave of Tech Change Will Leave Canadian Companies Behind

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Deloitte study suggests businesses are unprepared for the effects of innovation

The Obsolete Communication Tool You Can’t Afford to Use

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In the digital age, this desktop nuisance is a waste of space, money and productivity

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