5 Easy Ways to Improve Customer Service Over the Phone

A single bad call can ruin a relationship. Tips on making sure clients hang up happy

5 Tech Tools to Foster Team Collaboration


Tired of endless meetings, email chains and cubicle drop-bys? From Slack to Trello, there are better options available

How to Update Your Customer Booking System for the Online Age

Photo: iStock

Without the right scheduling tool, growing companies can easily fumble client relationships

The Big Benefits of Taking Your Business Virtual

cloud computing

Who needs an office? Cabinetry retailer Doordoer does all its selling online, and founder Alain Albert runs his company the same way

Why You’ll Soon Need to Build Your Own Bot

Microsoft's Skype and Facebook's Messenger apps on a smartphone. Photo: Patrick Sison/AP/CP

Forget apps. The future of business-consumer interaction is automated texting via online messaging services like Facebook Messenger or Canada's own Kik

5 Tips to Reduce the Risk of a Ransomware Hack

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Cyber kidnappers will gleefully lock you out of your files until you pay up. How to prevent that from happening to your company

How to Choose the Right Business Software

Photo: #WOCinTech Chat

Bringing a new piece of technology into your company can lead to huge productivity gains—or become a huge time suck. Five tips to make it easier

What the Internet of Things is Really Good For

Photo: Helen King/Corbis

Web-enabled toothbrushes tend to get the headlines, but automating commercial and industrial processes is where the IoT truly shines

What Makes Contracts Easier to Understand

Beagle founder Cian O’Sullivan. Photo: Robert Caruso

Beagle uses artificial intelligence to clarify legal documents. How founder Cian O'Sullivan came up with the idea and how it could help you

How to Get More from Your SR&ED Claim


You're leaving money on the table if you don't take full advantage of the federal government's massive tax credit program

Why Machines Aren’t Management Material Yet

Photo: Andrew Bret Wallis/Getty

Artificial intelligence is making huge strides, but it can’t replace the real work of managing people

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The definitive 2015 list of organizations that have mastered the art of employee engagement

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