What the Colour of Your Logo Says About Your Business

The design of an icon goes a long way to determining whether or not customers engage with a brand

Why Amazon’s Data-Driven Approach May Be the Future of Management

Amazon's use of data to manage its staff has contributed to a corporate culture that the New York Times portrayed as "bruising" and "Darwinian." CEO Jeff Bezos said in an internal memo that he doesn't see it that way. File Photo: David Ryder/Getty Images

The tech giant's workplace policies have sparked outrage, but firms of all sizes are using more metrics

Why Viable Graphene Products Are Only Just Coming to Market

Graphene Lightbulb-P_Eric_Putz-NBT_August_2015-600x400

The so-called "wonder material" has been touted as a fix for energy storage, water scarcity and more

5 Tips for Using Music to Improve Your Customer Experience

Illustration: iStock

The right background tunes can help reinforce your brand and build consumer loyalty

How to Engage in Legal Industrial Espionage on the Cheap

Photo: iStock

Peek behind your competitors’ curtains without breaking the law or your budget

How to Make Tech Staff Feel Part of the Team


Have you tried turning it off and on again? Four things you can do to improve your relationship with the IT department

How Procurify Plans to Simplify Your Procurement Process

Photo: Procurify

The British Columbia-based platform promises to make purchasing easier and save businesses time and money

What Every Business Can Learn from the Ashley Madison Hack

hacked resize

Sophisticated attackers are targeting mid-size companies like never before. It's time to get serious about data security

Are Your Employees Ubering on Company Time?

Photo: David Ramos/Getty

A new survey suggests business travellers are expensing ride-hailing services more often than conventional cabs

Millennial Employees Expect You to Embrace Mobile Technology

Photo: Minerva Studio/iStock

Businesses must develop coherent, robust mobility strategies to attract and retain Generation Y

How Elon Musk Could Help You Save Money on Your Utility Bill


Battery makers are suddenly finding themselves with an explosion of new markets to service

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The design of an icon goes a long way to determining whether or not customers engage with a brand

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