Canada’s Best Places for Business 2016

Mississauga, Ont.

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Population: 788,469
Annualized population growth (%) 1.36
Avg. household income ($): 99,081
Total value of building permits issued, most recent year ($): N/A
Avg. office lease rate ($ psf/yr): 24.69
Corporate income tax rate (%): 26.5
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Pop. within 1 hr commuting distance: 7,661,957
Adults who have completed apprenticeship, trades certificate or diploma (%): 5.47
Adults who have completed university degree (%): 31.94
Adults who have completed bachelor''s degree (%): 61.07
Unemployment rate, most recent month (%): 7.46


Avg. home price ($): 564,120
Avg. retail lease rate ($ psf/yr): 25.30
Avg. industrial lease rate ($psf/yr): 10.81
Avg. general lease rate ($psf/yr): 18.02
Peak electricity cost for businesses ($/kWh) N/A
Peak electricity cost for mid-size commercial business ($/kWh): N/A
Peak electricity cost for mid-size industrial business ($/kWh): N/A

Taxes & Regulation

Business license cost ($): N/A
Avg. processing time for building permit, most recent calendar year: N/A
Non-residential property tax rate (% of assessed value): N/A
Commercial property tax rate (% of assessed value): N/A
Industrial property tax rate (% of assessed value): N/A
Small business income tax rate, if different (%): 15.0
Sales tax (%): 13
Special regulations or zoning: N/A


Largest employers: N/A
Leading industries: N/A
Value of capital projects >$5 million planned or under construction ($ million): N/A
Special amenities: N/A
Special economic development initiatives: N/A