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From the 2013 Ranking of Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies:

Introducing: Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies for 2013

The stars of the 25th annual PROFIT 500 show how many different paths there are to hypergrowth

2013 PROFIT 500 rankings tables

The complete 2013 PROFIT 500

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2013 rankings by region/city

2013 rankings by industry

2013 Success Profiles

No. 1: The Tech Company With An Eye on World Domination

Avigilon founder Alexander Fernandes reinvents the video surveillance business

Exporting Canada's Education Brand

At home and abroad, Toby Chu’s CIBT is feeding the developing world’s hunger for Western schooling. Now, he plans to turn Vancouver into a global education hub

Shifting to a Higher Gear

On TV, he weighs others’ odds of success, but Robert Herjavec has made some dangerous mistakes in his own ventures. He doesn’t intend to repeat them

Betting on Homeowner Frustration

Realtors told Roy Almog it couldn’t be done, but he’s proving that a real-estate firm can offer full service at half the price—and be profitable. Just as consumers suspected!

From the 2013 PROFIT 500 CEO Summit

Lessons From Our Exclusive Entrepreneur School

Bruce Croxon, Tony Chapman and a host of other entrepreneurs and business experts spill leadership, marketing and financing tips at the PROFIT 500 CEO Summit

VIDEO// Are You Drowning in a Sea of Sameness?

Entrepreneurs are “faster, better and smarter” than big corporations, says Tony Chapman—they just need to learn how to make potential customers see that. Chapman explains how to tell your story

VIDEO// How to Create a Better Company Culture

What is the “sound of support” and how can it help you connect to your staff? Jeff Adams talks diversity and culture

VIDEO// The 7 Imperatives of Great CEOs

How to survive the ups and downs of entrepreneurism? John Wilson’s lessons in greatness will pull you through

VIDEO// Do You Have to Be Crazy to Be Crazy Successful?

Bruce Croxon on why confidence can be misleading and what truly great business leaders are made of

VIDEO// Running Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company

No. 1 company on the PROFIT 500, Avigilon, is a rising Canadian tech star. How it keeps its top sales reps, competes globally and continues to grow

VIDEO// Dos and Don’ts: Financing Your Business

BDC’s Jean-René Halde: Don’t become the bottleneck in your own company

VIDEO// Life of a Young Entrepreneur

Jean-Philippe Béique is one of the youngest PROFIT 500 CEOs. How we went up against bigger industry players and what his staff thinks of his success

VIDEO// How to Land International Business

Michael Bernstein, whose company Capstone Infrastructure won the PROFIT 500 Export Excellence Award, talks about what SMEs need to know before reaching out to partners and clients overseas

VIDEO// How SMEs Can Adapt to Economic Changes

Pierre Cléroux on the opportunities and potential pitfalls that will force SMEs to change their strategies in the coming years

VIDEO// How to Get More From Your Staff

Winner of the PROFIT 500 Award for Job Creation,’s Trevor Bouchard favours a transparent, flexible management style. What’s the biggest benefit of this approach? It may surprise you

VIDEO// Search v Social: How Customers Find You

Companies are putting more money into social media and less into search. But SEO, if done right, can yield a higher ROI, says one expert

Tips and Tactics from the 2013 PROFIT 500

7 Sales Strategies of High-Growth Companies

PROFIT 500 CEOs share their most effective sales strategies

Favourite Tech Tools

Some PROFIT 500 CEOs are in the cloud; some are still just on the phone

6 Innovative HR Tactics

PROFIT 500 CEOs spill their best employee retention strategies

Paths to Growth Capital

PROFIT 500 CEOs on how they raised startup capital

Startup Advice From Successful Entrepreneurs

The PROFIT 500 CEOs share business-building tips relevant to both up-and-comers and seasoned entrepreneurs

Strange Origins

The unconventional way some PROFIT 500 CEOs launched their business

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“When I launched my first business, I had two goals in mind: to survive, and to make the PROFIT [500] ranking.”

Robert Herjavec
The Herjavec Group, Toronto


The PROFIT 500 is by far Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth–nationally, regionally and by industry–the PROFIT 500 program gives entrepreneurs and their businesses the recognition they deserve for their achievements and contributions to Canada! Your business is real contender if its sales have grown by just 50% or more over the past five years.


We've designed the PROFIT 500 ranking to benefit your business. That's why we:

  • Publish additional rankings by industry and location, along with the national list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies
  • Publish revenue as a range* (e.g., $5-10 million)
  • Do not disclose individual firms' profits

* Upon request by private companies


The PROFIT 500 companies receive local and national media attention that can attract new customers, employees and investors. What’s more, it’s a great honour to say you’re in the top 500 of Canada’s more than 1 million companies. You’ll also receive:

  • An invitation to the private PROFIT 500 CEO Summit, Canada’s most exclusive and enriching conference for entrepreneurial achievers
  • Profile in the special July 2014 PROFIT 500 issue of Canadian Business and at
  • Additional year-round publicity opportunities via Canadian Business and
  • Full use of PROFIT 500 logo, declaring your business is one of Canada’s best
  • PR and marketing support from PROFIT
  • Discounted tickets to select PROFIT events



You’re a contender if your business has grown by just 50% or more over the past five years. Simply fill out a ballot before the entry deadline of March 31, 2014. If it looks as though your firm is a contender, we’ll contact you for more information.

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