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Meet the 2014 PROFIT 500

The Complete 2014 ranking of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

PLUS: Success Stories | Great Advice | Rankings by Region | Rankings by Industry

A Look Inside Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies

What makes the 2014 PROFIT 500 so special? A combination of smarts, innovation and good old-fashioned tenacity.

PROFIT 500 Success Stories:

Canada’s Fastest-Growing Company is Built for Growth

Inside the incredible growth of FourQuest Energy Inc., the No. 1 firm on the 2014 PROFIT 500

A Crash Course in Global Relations

One could easily describe the 2008 financial crisis as a teachable moment. For many companies, the ensuing meltdown offered tough lessons about critically overleveraged positions and unsustainable business models. But …

Why Reinvention is Grounds for Success

ECS Coffee Inc. didn't start out as a fast-growing retailer. But Neil Madden saw a shift in the market—and pounced on it (twice)

The Case for Stealing Your Success

Is innovation for suckers? Some fast-growing companies know how to borrow a good idea

Inside a Wildly Successful Retailer

Lessons in independent retail success from a Vancouver animal emporium

How to Sell Authenticity

Many companies choose an identity, then build a brand around it. Manitobah Mukluks found a way to sell its true story to supermodels

We Don't Need No Stinkin' TED Talks

Great advice is hard to come by. Thank goodness, then, for the leaders of the PROFIT 500

The Secret to a Perfect Event

Great events don't just happen. They're helped by companies who really get what resonates with guests

This is What a Successful Manufacturer Looks Like

What a niche food producer can teach you about what it takes to succeed in manufacturing today

The Smart Way to Sell a Movement

Vancouver's Vega uses almost-free samples to sell a better life (and a healthier smoothie)

Anatomy of a Perfect Partnership

4 proven tips on how to run your own business… with someone else

The PROFIT 500's Best Advice On:

Becoming a Great Leader

The leaders of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies deliver some hard-earned advice about running a successful business

Selling More

Proven revenue-generating strategies from the leaders of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

Living the Entrepreneurial Dream

The leaders of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies on the ups and downs of running a successful business

Attracting Top Talent

Want to hire the best and brighest? Try these tested (and proven!) tactics

Retaining and Engaging Employees

A workplace filled with happy, engaged employees is the dream of most CEOs. When workers are content, they’re more likely to do great work, to become advocates for the organization …

Pricing Right

It's hard to know whether your rates are too high or too low. Here are some expert tips to hit the magic number

Expanding Globally

Want to build your export business? Draw from the hard-earned advice of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

Starting Up

Proven tips from people who've been through the difficult task of starting a successful business

Mastering Social Media

The people behind Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies reveal their top techniques for mastering LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and the like

Getting Financing

Money: every business needs it at some point or another. When you’re expanding at the rate of the companies on the PROFIT 500, securing reliable (and sufficient) capital can be …

Using Technology Smartly

17 super-useful tech tools that help the leaders of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies grow their businesses


Want to know how to build awareness of your brand? Take this advice from those who've mastered the art

Picking Good Mentors

Steve Jobs, Richard Branson, Napoleon and 50 Cent: Meet the entrepreneurs who inspire the leaders of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies

2014 Rankings by Region:

Atlantic Canada

The country's east coast boasts some of its brightest businesses. Here are their secrets


41 innovative, dynamic and wildly successful firms from the city made the 2014 PROFIT 500. Here's what you can learn from them


22 companies that demonstrate what it takes to build a thriving business in Alberta's capital


Get to know the most dynamic companies in Quebec's biggest city, and learn some of their best sales and marketing tips


Business-building tips and tactics from 21 dynamic firms that call the National Capital Region home


Revenue-boosting sales strategies from the GTA's most booming businesses


B.C.'s biggest city is home to some of its most vibrant, successful companies. Here are some of their secrets

2014 Rankings by Industry:


Hard-won advice from the dynamic and innovative firms that are building the nation's economy

Consumer Services

Lessons from 25 wildly successful companies who've mastered the people-pleasing business

Financial Services

The leaders of the 22 most dynamic companies in the money business share their best financing tactics

Human Resources

Experts in the recruitment and management of employees share some hard-earned advice on finding the best

Industrial Services

Sales lessons from 29 businesses who clean up doing dirty work

Information Technology

Meet—and learn from—the 74 booming tech companies driving Canada's economy today


90 thriving companies that demonstrate what it takes to succeed in a troubled sector

Marketing & Media

An inside look at what sets apart the country's most dynamic and successful marketing and media firms


23 savvy and inventive companies that demonstrate what it takes for Canadian storefronts to thrive today

Software Development

The leaders of Canada's thriving software development firms share what it takes to get ahead

Transportation & Logistics

18 thriving companies who use innovation and great service to keep supply chains moving (and sales soaring)

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“When I launched my first business, I had two goals in mind: to survive, and to make the PROFIT [500] ranking.”

Robert Herjavec
The Herjavec Group, Toronto


The PROFIT 500 is by far Canada’s largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement. Ranking Canada’s Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth–nationally, regionally and by industry–the PROFIT 500 program gives entrepreneurs and their businesses the recognition they deserve for their achievements and contributions to Canada! Your business is real contender if its sales have grown by just 50% or more over the past five years.


We've designed the PROFIT 500 ranking to benefit your business. That's why we:

  • Publish additional rankings by industry and location, along with the national list of Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies
  • Publish revenue as a range* (e.g., $5-10 million)
  • Do not disclose individual firms' profits

* Upon request by private companies


The PROFIT 500 companies receive local and national media attention that can attract new customers, employees and investors. What’s more, it’s a great honour to say you’re in the top 500 of Canada’s more than 1 million companies. You’ll also receive:

  • The opportunity to attend the private PROFIT 500 CEO Summit, Canada’s most exclusive and enriching conference for entrepreneurial achievers
  • Profile in a special PROFIT 500 issue of Canadian Business and at
  • Additional year-round publicity opportunities via Canadian Business and
  • Full use of PROFIT 500 logo, declaring your business is one of Canada’s best
  • PR and marketing support from PROFIT
  • Discounted tickets to select PROFIT events



You’re a contender if your business has grown by just 50% or more over the past five years. It's easy to enter: simply fill out our ballot form. If it looks as though you're a contender, we will contact you for more information shortly.


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