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Farmers Edge Precision Consulting Inc.


This provider of precision agriculture and agronomics (read: technology and services that boost farmers’ yields) got its start when founder Wade Barnes—then a feed-plant employee—started exploring ways to reduce fertilizer use while improving land productivity. Farmers loved the concept. His employer, not so much; it was, after all, in the business of selling fertilizer. So, Barnes struck out on his own, and has since built a steady client base in Canada and in such foreign markets as Russia. Today, the firm keeps clients happy by issuing each a report card detailing the ROI delivered by its crop-boosting services.

Company Profile

Founded: 2005 Chief Executive(s): Wade Barnes
Website: Head Office: Winnipeg  

Company Financials

Growth 2007-12 (%): 2,573 Revenue 2012: 43,282,648 Reporting $: CAD
Exports as % of Sales: 70 Employees 2012: 100 Employees 2007: 22