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Steeped Fine Loose Teas & Accessories Inc.


Canadians have gone mad for tea, and it’s at least partially thanks to this purveyor of all things looseleaf. Steeped sells tea and related accessories through Tupperware-style house parties arranged by a network of more than 2,000 consultants across Canada. In a publicity coup, the firm’s founders won over investors David Chilton and Jim Treliving in the first episode of the 2012 season of CBC’s “Dragons’ Den.” It’s rare for an on-screen deal to survive due diligence, but Chilton and Treliving remain investors today. Why? The company’s tight fiscal management played a huge part. According to CEO Hatem Jahshan, “David Chilton came in and said, ‘You’re cheap—and I love it!’”

Company Profile

Founded: 2007 Chief Executive(s): Hatem Jahshan & Tonia Jahshan
Website: Head Office: Hamilton  

Company Financials

Growth 2007-12 (%): 1,877 Revenue 2012: 2-5 million Reporting $: CAD
Exports as % of Sales: 0 Employees 2012: 33 Employees 2007: 4