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Electronic Box Inc.


This Internet service provider has grown rapidly in Quebec and Ontario since it evolved from a reseller into a vertically integrated operation. This change in focus recently allowed the firm to do something its co-founders consider critical to its success: lower the prices it offers residential customers. This was a risky play, given the thin margins afforded by the ultra-competitive communications sector, but it has paid off. Customers love the decision—no surprise there!—and the firm also flexed its PR muscle to play up its move, gaining positive coverage in such influential Quebec publications as “Protégez-Vous.”

Company Profile

Founded: 1997 Chief Executive(s): Jean-Philippe Béique & Dominic Letourneau
Website: Head Office: Longueuil, Que.  

Company Financials

Growth 2007-12 (%): 1,859 Revenue 2012: 3,917,847 Reporting $: CAD
Exports as % of Sales: 0 Employees 2012: 28 Employees 2007: 3