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Canada's Hottest Startups

This year’s PROFIT HOT 50 have grown so fast you’d think we were in an economic boom. Meet a group of young entrepreneurial stars behind the most promising businesses in Canada

Get to Know Canada's HOT 50 Companies

72% of HOT 50 CEOs finished university. Less than 4 of them are serial entrepreneurs. A look at this year's Top New Growth Companies by the numbers

No. 1 Profile

Taking Risks Pays off for Canada's Top New Growth Company

Chris Sukornyk built Canada’s hottest startup by gambling on an unproven technology. But the HOT 50 star cautions that "going with your gut" doesn't mean you shouldn't also do your research

Growth Lessons

The Art of the Pivot

As these HOT 50 companies learned, a successful entrepreneur needs to know when to ditch their original business plan to pursue more profitable paths

Coming Back From the Brink

How two HOT 50 companies abandoned their initial model and turned their failing ventures into growth stars

6 Advisors Any Startup Can Tap

You’re never too small, cash-strapped or unproven to score top business know-how. As HOT 50 leaders prove, there are sources of advice any young business can access

"Since our recognition in last year's PROFIT HOT 50 list, business has basically doubled for us. We have moved to a bigger office and recently, we have formed a strategic joint-venture with another IT firm. I really must thank you guys for the exposure and credibility that the PROFIT HOT 50 gave us. it was a great boost at the right time. "

Sathish Bala
NewAge Inc. Toronto


The PROFIT HOT 50 is Canada's most rewarding ranking and recognition program for growing young companies. The PROFIT HOT 50 showcases Canada's Top New Growth Companies ranked on two-year revenue growth. HOT 50 winners are profiled in the October issue of PROFIT magazine and at In addition, HOT 50 CEOs are invited to attend GrowthCamp, an exclusive networking and learning summit.

Nominations are now closed for the 2013 ranking. But if you fill in this form, in the spring of 2014 we'll send you a package to enter the 2014 PROFIT HOT 50.

We've designed the PROFIT HOT 50 ranking to benefit your business. That's why we:

  • Publish revenue as a range* (e.g., $5-10 million)
  • Do not disclose individual firms' profits

* Upon request by private companies


When you're named a PROFIT HOT 50 company, you gain positive media coverage and a stamp of approval from Canada's leading publication for entrepreneurs. HOT 50 winners tell us their award has inspired staff, attracted new clients and investors, and sparked relationships with other dynamic companies.

Winning companies enjoy coverage in the October issue of PROFIT magazine, marketing and PR collateral to leverage your HOT 50 honours, and an invitation to GrowthCamp, an exclusive summit where HOT 50 leaders share ideas, learn from experts and make valuable new contacts. Learn more >

You’re a contender if your business was founded in 2009 to 2011 and has grown rapidly over the past two years. Simply complete this form and we’ll send you a ballot in the spring of 2014 to enter the 2014 PROFIT HOT 50.

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