Magnet Forensics Inc. / JAD Software Inc.

Develops forensic software for police and intelligence agencies

Inside track

Who better to design software for police forensic investigators than this firm's founder, himself a forensic investigator? The CIA, FBI and RCMP are among the thousands of clients in almost 100 countries that use this software to search through crime suspects' computer histories, including deleted files.

Company Profile

Chief Executive(s): Adam Belsher & Jad Saliba Head Office: Waterloo, Ont. Website:

Company Financials

Growth 2009-11 (%): 549 Revenue 2011: 648,576 CAD Revenue 2009: < 100,000 CAD
Profit Margin 2011: > 10% Employees 2011: 3 Employees 2009: 1
Exports as % of Sales: 92